Vélib' Métropole

NC - 75 Paris
Visit Paris and the surrounding areas by hiring a Vélib' Métropole!
Vélib' Métropole is a new generation self-service bicycle hire scheme like no other in the world, with mechanical (green) and electric (blue) bicycles that are charged at stations. In 2021, the service will operate 24 hours a day in approximately 60 locations of the Greater Paris area. On the electric Vélib' Métropole you no longer do the work: as soon as you begin to pedal, the Vélib' takes you further and faster as you tackle the steepest streets of the capital and wider area.
Vélib' Métropole bicycles are smart and connected, and show you your speed and distance travelled as you ride. For trips with family or friends, opt for the 24H CLASSIQUE pass (24 hours) and hire up to 5 Vélib' Métropole at the same time.