Useful apps for a stay in Paris

Here are some handy mobile applications for going out, getting around and sightseeing in Paris

There are numerous mobile apps that help you to get the most out of your trip to Paris. They are useful for discovering what events are happening close to where you are, for finding your way around the city, as well as for booking a table in the best restaurants. These apps also give you access to all kinds of essential and practical services!

Visitors benefit from free Wi-Fi access to these apps thanks to the installation in public places by the city of Paris of more than 300 terminals, and since 15 June 2017, roaming charges for international telecommunications have been abolished within the European Union! EU nationals can now use their smartphone in all member countries without any extra cost, whether for telephone communications or for using the Internet. Great news that, among other things, now enables PARISJETAIME.COM users to browse their favourite site more easily!

Transport, entertainment, information, concierge services ... here are a few apps that will make your stay in Paris even simpler.

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