The Dark Dreams Paris

63 rue de la Fraternité - 93100 Montreuil 93 - Seine - Saint-Denis
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Live Your Worst Nightmares
Through an interactive show in an unusual haunted house, meet monsters and creatures of all kinds…
An unprecedented immersive and horrific experience in Europe
Who hasn’t already watched a horror movie and imagined the serial killer hiding down the hall? Or ran upstairs convinced some creature was after him? All this is delusion and irrational fear, but this fear causes adrenaline, a way to feel alive.
But to what extent?
The Dark Dreams stages your worst nightmares in a one-hour immersive show. Clown, madman on the run, serial killer or little girl close to dementia, this labyrinth of horror of 1200m2, the largest in Europe, contains the most frightening characters for an extraordinary experience.
Halfway between show, Escape Game and reality, live a unique adventure that you will long remember… You will go through all the emotions, laughter, joy, fear… Chills guaranteed!
Fiction takes on a whole new dimension ...
The Dark Dreams is open all year round from Wednesday to Sunday and 7 days a week during Halloween.


49€ per person.

Monday, Tuesday
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63 rue de la Fraternité
93100 Montreuil
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