Exhibitions off-site of the Grand Palais

The rich cultural programme of the Grand Palais is offered outside the building, when it is closed.

The Grand Palais, a major Parisian exhibition venue

The Grand Palais is a monument symbolic of Paris. Built for the World Fair of 1900, it is a unique exhibition venue. The immense space of the Grand Palais’s nave can house exhibitions on a grand scale, while the national galleries, more classical in style, display the work of great artists in temporary exhibitions.

A unique venue, teamed with an outstanding programme, makes the Grand Palais one of the most popular exhibition venues in Paris

During the closure of the Grand Palais, which is due to reopen in 2024, the public is invited to discover part of the cultural and sporting programme (exhibitions, the Saut Hermès, etc.) in different venues: the Grand Palais Éphémère, the Grande Halle de la Villette, etc.