Louvre museum Louvre museum

Louvre museum

Discover the cultural and artistic wealth of one of the world's greatest museums. Book your ticket to visit the permanent collections and enjoy the temporary exhibitions of this iconic museum. Discover the museum's program now and make sure you have a memorable visit. A must-see destination in Paris that is waiting for your visit!

Let yourself be captivated by one of the finest museums in the world! Book now to avoid the lines.
from €17
Explore the Louvre, a world-renowned treasure house, during a 2hr30 tour. Join us for an enriching and captivating experience of history and artistic creativity.
Take part in a unique workshop in Paris by creating your own wine in the Caves du Louvre wine cellars.
Certainly, the best way to explore the Louvre Museum by yourself!
Let your senses guide you as you discover the secrets of wine!
from €36
Come discover the art of cheese and wine harmony during an unforgettable tasting at the Caves du Louvre. Learn to describe and appreciate the different flavors and textures of cheese and wine with the help of a cheese and wine expert who will introduce you to the art of tasting.
Through a series of educational games, you and your children will learn all about the main works in the Louvre!
from €9.90
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Customer Reviews

4.4/52,193 reviews

Katrina T.
November 29th 2023
One of the most enjoyable concerts ever. Exceeded our expectations… the classics but well performed and an unmissable experience… up there with some of best experiences.
Stephen K.
Extraordinaire Exhibit
November 29th 2023

Brilliant exhibit…Modigliani
Always a pleasure spending time in the museum.

Miguel Dario L.
November 28th 2023
Good to see Paris, however the tour should include a bit more stops for pictures.