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Musée de l'Armée

The Army Museum at Les Invalides in Paris is an iconic place that will delight history enthusiasts, weapon enthusiasts, and those curious to make fascinating discoveries. Located within the magnificent complex of Les Invalides, this museum houses unique treasures that trace the evolution of the French army throughout the centuries. Whether you are visiting alone, with family, or with friends, this unmissable visit promises a captivating immersion into the military universe.

Discovering the Army Museum in Paris means delving into the heart of French military history. From medieval armor to Napoleonic uniforms, from ancient weapons to modern military vehicles, each exhibition hall is filled with exceptional pieces. Admire up close the famous cannons, ornate swords, and precious medals that testify to the heroism and courage of French soldiers. Through meticulous scenography, the museum takes you on an exciting adventure through battles and key periods of military history.

Visiting the Army Museum in Paris is an enriching experience for all audiences. Families can share moments of discovery and learning with their children as they explore the various themed rooms together. Adults, on the other hand, will find in this museum a unique opportunity to deepen their historical knowledge and immerse themselves in the grandeur of the French army. Weapon enthusiasts will be delighted by the impressive collections of firearms, artillery, and military equipment.

During your visit to the Army Museum in Paris, do not miss the opportunity to discover its most famous treasures. Among them, the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, located in the Dome of Les Invalides, is a place charged with emotion and symbolism. Admire this majestic monument that houses the Emperor's sarcophagus and uncover the secrets surrounding its construction. This visit will immerse you in the tumultuous history of the French Empire and allow you to pay tribute to one of the most remarkable figures in European history.

To optimize your visit to the Army Museum in Paris, we recommend allocating enough time to explore each room and fully enjoy the exhibitions. Audio guides are available in multiple languages to accompany you throughout your journey and provide detailed information about the exhibited pieces. Additionally, guided tours are regularly offered, providing an opportunity to enhance your experience with the knowledge of an experienced guide.

Start planning your visit to the Army Museum in Paris now and discover the joys of French military history. Book your tickets on and benefit from privileged access to this unmissable venue. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a weapon aficionado, or simply curious to uncover hidden treasures of the past, this visit promises moments of wonder and enrichment. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Army Museum in Paris and immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of military history.

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