Open-air concerts in Paris

In Paris, music is performed not only in concert venues, but also outdoors, in parks and gardens, especially in summer.

Music lovers, rejoice: in Paris, concert halls are not the only places where you can enjoy listening to music; there is music in the park too! Whatever your taste in music – rock, jazz, classical or electro – you’re sure to find a concert you like.

The nostalgic appeal of bandstands

There are still around 40 bandstands in the French capital. Popular in the 19th century, they played an important role in the musical education of Parisians, and then gradually fell into disuse. 

Today, these covered platforms that are such a characteristic feature of Paris parkscome to life again during the summer, and continue their original vocation, thanks to two events: Kiosques en fête and Kiosquorama.

From April to December, Kiosques en fête organizes free concerts with amateur and professional musicians, shows, workshops... The Kiosquorama music festival is eco-citizen, free and itinerant as each concert is held at a different Parisian bandstand. Numerous dates combine music, arts and local action for sustainable development.

The Parc Floral: the summer hotspot for music lovers

In June and July, the Paris Jazz festival takes place in the Parc Floral. The line-up includes artists and big names from the Paris, French and international jazz scene.

There is a festival for classical fans too. Every year, throughout the month of August and until mid-September, the Parc Floral hosts the event Classique au vert. On the programme, two weeks of concerts and events exploring classical music in all its forms.

And there is a festival for children too! Les Pestacles is the summer event for families. On the programme: concerts, street entertainment, dance, circus ... Don’t miss out, go along to the Parc Floral from June to September!

Top-notch programming

In early September, the 19th arrondissement gets in the groove for the big end of summer eventJazz à la Villette. The festival explores all facets of jazz at this big park. Numerous concerts take place, some of which are in the open air.

The Parc de Bagatelle pays tribute to the composer Frédéric Chopin every year, with a series of concerts held as part of the Festival Chopin. And opera enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor opera performances – a different programme from one year to the next – in various prestigious settings in and around Paris (the Invalides, the Domaine de Sceaux and the Domaine de Saint-Germain-en-Laye).

Some of the events on the programme of this year’s Versailles Spectacles festival will be held in the magnificent grounds (the gardens, the copses, the Orangery) of the Château de Versailles.

And, of course, the grand classical music concert performed by a symphony orchestra on the Champ de Mars before the dazzling firework display on 14 July as part of the Bastille Day celebrations.

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