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Looking for an unusual stay? Romantic? Eco-responsible? Arty? Discover the Paris that suits you.
Information and tips for seeing the sights in Paris by bike
All the best spots and places to enjoy Paris in the open air.
Wherever you go in Paris, from the La Villette canal basin through the festive neighbourhood of Oberkampf to the 13th arrondissement and the nearby suburbs, street art has become a familiar part of the urban landscape.
Sustainable initiatives in Paris for a more environment-friendly stay.

Paris is teeming with diverse talent! Artisans are innovating in the culinary arts, jewellery, perfumery, design and much more. Come and discover them!

Find child-friendly accommodation and restaurants, activities and outings for children and adults …
Unexpected Paris
Everything to know about the Seine between Le Havre and Paris
Take a break from the bustle of the city and treat body and mind at beauty salons, hammams, spas, barbers, hairstylists…
Whether it be daring, surprising, edgy or mainstream … you’ll find contemporary art everywhere in Paris!
In Paris, travel the world via the city’s cosmopolitan districts, museums dedicated to foreign cultures, exotic culinary specialities …!
All the good, inexpensive adresses
Walks, restaurants, shows… Paris is the ideal setting for the greatest love stories to unfold…
With a lively LGBT community and a great tourism offer, the French capital is full of gay- and lesbian-friendly places to sleep, eat and party at.
Walks on parisian locations of more than 20 great films
Paris is a capital destination for music and offers a large and eclectic choice of music
Get your fill of sport in Paris!
Good deals, free things to do and free places to go in Paris.
From the Gaulish village of the Parisii to the 21st-century city of today, the Seine riverbanks have witnessed more than 2,000 years of life and history.
Science fiction, comic books, video games, virtual reality, super heroes… pop culture and new technology have taken over Paris, making it the capital of cool!