The best of chocolate in Paris

With new creations and limited editions by master chocolatiers, Easter in Paris puts chocolate centre stage!

Paris is paradise for chocolate fans! Chocolate takes centre stage at Easter but it is an all-year-round event for gourmets, and for master chocolatiers, whose creativity knows no bounds – a feast for the taste buds and the eyes. Whether just a mouthful, a chocolate sculpture, a chocolate wedding dress … chocolate is a renowned Parisian product, not to be missed. And an art to discover … and taste!

Where to buy chocolate in Paris



The tea room Angelina, opened in 1903 by the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer under the arcades of rue de Rivoli, is one of the French capital’s must-visit places.
Elegant and refined, it has been delighting everybody who is anybody in Paris for more than 110 years with its famous old-style hot chocolate and its iconic pastry ‘Le Mont-Blanc’, combining whipped cream and chestnut cream.

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Lafayette Gourmet Haussmann

© Galeries Lafayette

The gourmet food shop at the Galeries Lafayette department store stocks a selection of the best known chocolate brands throughout the year. You will find a dazzling array of creations from the likes of Alain Ducasse, L’Éclair de Génie and Pierre Marcolini, plus brands like Cluizel, Bonnat and Chapon.

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Maison Lenôtre


Imagined and crafted in a traditional way (at Plaisir, 78), the recipes of the Maison Lenôtre are developed from carefully-selected products and offer exclusive chocolate combinations. Crafted by chefs who have inherited an expertise in patisserie and who have an acknowledged technical mastery, Lenôtre chocolates offer intense and surprising gourmet experiences.

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Le Printemps du Goût

© Manuel Bougot

Since 2018, Printemps du Goût is the place to uncover some of our country’s best products. Charcuterie, poultry, lamb, and France’s best cheeses… the choice is large and the quality is there. And for some sugary delights, Maison du Chocolat, Gontran Cherrier, and Christophe Michalak will provide some sweet treats that your taste buds are unlikely to forget!

The Musée gourmand du chocolat – Choco-Story


Listen to the story of chocolate in this gourmet museum entirely devoted to the world of chocolate. A fascinating place retracing 4,000 years of history from the Maya civilization to the present day, and housing an exceptional collection of some one thousand objects! A visit is also the opportunity to discover different techniques of chocolate-making, attend demonstrations and, of course, taste a few squares of this star product! Note, the museum offers activities for children, as well as workshops.

Patrick Roger

© Patrick Roger

A veritable artist chocolatier, Patrick Roger produces subtle and surprising creations. Refined taste, unexpected combinations and perfect textures make each tasting experience a unique moment. This master chocolate maker likes to surprise and constantly reinvent his creative world. Working chocolate like a raw material, Patrick Roger is also well-known for his monumental sculptures, which are fascinating and deliciously gourmet in equal measure.

Pierre Marcolini © Pierre Marcolini

In his 3 Parisian shops, this Belgian chocolatier offers refined and inspired haute-couture chocolates. Chocolate for every occasion, for ever-new gourmet expériences.

Hugo & Victor

© Hugo et Victor

The Maison Victor & Hugo was opened in 2010 by two childhood friends Hugues Pouget and Sylvain Blanc, who shared the same dream and wanted to shake up the traditional rules of pastry cooking. At Hugo & Victor, flavours are sublimely intensified. Their 3 star flavours, chocolate, praline, and caramel, are available all year round and 5 others change with the seasons.

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À la mère de famille

© Courtesy of À la mère de famille

Founded in 1761, À la Mère de Famille is the oldest chocolate shop in Paris. With its original 1900s decor, the shop on Rue du Faubourg Montmartre is itself a treat. And it is of course famous for its chocolate and sweet creations!

Choose from some 1,200 types of confectionary: chocolates, marshmallows, boiled sweets, candied fruits, marzipan, fruit jellies, Negus de Nevers, and Bêtises de Cambrai, etc.

La Maison du chocolat

© La Maison du chocolat

In 1977, the Maison du Chocolat, created by Robert Linxe, became the first Parisian shop entirely dedicated to chocolate. In 1990, it reinvented the chocolate eclair, raising the bar for this delicious cake.

In 2000, the Maison du Chocolat joined the Comité Colbert along with some of the best French luxury houses.

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Pierre Hermé

© Vincent Bourdon

World renowned chef Pierre Hermé comes from four generations of pastry and chocolate makers from the Alsace region. Famed in France, Japan and the United States, Pierre Hermé, who has been called the Picasso of Pastry by Vogue, has brought flavour and modernity to pastry.


© Melanie Lukesh Reed

Internationally famous for their French macarons, Ladurée also stock assortments of high-quality chocolate in their various branches in Paris.

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List of excellent Paris chocolatiers

© Delphine Michalak

The list of Paris chocolatiers goes on. The most renowned master chocolate makers – from historic brands to young chocolatiers – have one or more shops in Paris offering home delivery and/or Click & Collect.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Paris chocolate makers:

The small Michel Cluizel factory, which uses cocoa beans from a single plantation, is located near to the Jardin des Tuileries.

Artisan chocolate maker and pastry chef Jean-Paul Hévin, whose chocolate is made in France, has several shops in Paris.

Artisan chocolate maker and coffee merchant Marc Chinchole is a bean-to-bar maker with a shop/workshop in the 1st arrondissement. The shop boasts the Fabriqué à Paris (Made in Paris) label.

Another bean-to-bar chocolate maker can be found in the bustling Rue du Nil in the 2nd arrondissement: the chocolate factory and shop and café Plaq.

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Jacques Genin, an artisan chocolate maker passionate about his craft, welcomes both chocolate enthusiasts and the merely curious at his magnificent shop/workshop located along Rue de Turennne in the Haut Marais. Here, chocolate making skills and artistry are transmitted from father to daughter.

Nathalie and Catherine, two die-hard chocolate fans, have created the Kosak chocolate shop in Montmartre. The two friends exclusively display bean-to-bar creations from different chocolate makers in their shop.

In France, celebrity chef Christophe Michalak needs no introduction. His creations, made from top-quality raw materials, can be found in his shops in Paris.

Chocolate maker Patrice Chapon was one of the first to use the bean-to-bar method in Paris. He also invented the concept of the Chocolate Mousse Bar. Each of his three Paris shops has a chocolate mousse bar.

After working with some of the finest chefs in Paris, pastry chef and chocolate maker Yann Menguy opened his own pastry shop in the Goutte d’Or district. The shop sells the chef’s pastry creations as well as his chocolate.

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