Organic restaurants in Paris

From organic places to gluten-free eateries, healthy and ethical eating is a growing trend.

Eating healthily is right on trend! In Paris, there are numerous places to eat your favorite food. A quick peek at the most popular canteens, 100% cosy and friendly, recommended by foodies all over the city.

Organic canteens

It’s easy to eat organic in Paris thanks to popular canteens all over the city. In the Grands Boulevards area, Supernature offers simple dishes made with fresh and healthy ingredients, mostly organic or local. It serves a healthy platter and a selection of different burgers.

Not far from République, Soya, a trendy canteen, offers organic and vegetarian food with flavours from around the world: mezze, couscous, vegetable lasagna

A little further on is Vert Midi, a salad bar where you can enjoy a mixed salad or delicious slow-cooked dish and wash it down with a glass of kefir (a fermented milk drink).

A healthy break

If you feel peckish, no matter what the time of day, look no further than Le Pain quotidien. At this organic restaurant/bakery, you can enjoy recipes made with natural and regional products in a friendly setting. It’s like eating at a friend’s house, sharing your meal with your neighbours sitting comfortably around large communal wooden tables. As for the menu, organic dishes are served all day, including a 100% vegan selection. It’s the ideal place to brunch: bread is the house speciality, and you can sample it in a variety of ways, notably in the form of a grilled open-faced sandwich.

For delicious pastries, Aux Péchés Normands Bio is the place to go. Everything is homemade here, from the viennoiserie to the biscuits. They also do mouth-watering savoury pies, pizzas and sandwiches.

As for lovers of porridge (sweet or salty, cold or hot), they’ll be in their element at the BOL Porridge Bar. This pretty café with Scandivanian decor dishes up the perfect porridge: be it oatmeal, buckwheat or millet. Topped with fruit, nuts, hummus or roasted vegetables, every bowl of porridge is a medley of colours and flavours. In the 20th arrondissement, God Bless Broccoli serves artisanal pizzas made from organic French semi-wholemeal flour and rye leaven.

Organic food, designer setting   

Looking to eat well in a stylish setting? La Cantine, in the very trendy concept store Merci, serves a healthy, balanced lunch every day. The menu, which changes with the seasons, features salads, quiches and risottos made with vegetables and fresh ingredients, fruit cocktails and delicious homemade desserts. It's the ideal place for a nutritional and also ethical snack or lunch, as all of the profits are donated to charities for the protection of women and children.

Yuman, created by Gilles Tessier, is a contemporary restaurant near the Bibliothèque nationale de France offering ‘enlightened cuisine’ focusing on organic and local food. The decor is stylish with lots of wood and concrete, and the dishes are simple and healthy, full of flavour and with delicious spices. On the menu: beetroot and apple soup, oyster mushroom risotto, chocolate mousse with cardamom and freshly-squeezed fruit juice. There is something for everyone: non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, some gluten-free and others dairy-free. What’s more, it is all environmentally friendly: filtered water, recycled furniture, recycling of waste, delivery by tricycle …

From the other side of the world

Fancy a good burger? Try Bioburger, with its 100% organic burgers which also come in a vegetarian version. At Cantine California, it’s all about Californian cuisine. After having travelled around the streets of Paris with its food truck, Cantine California has opened a restaurant in the 3rd arrondissement, using the same formula which made the food truck so popular! The Canadian-American chef Jordan Feilders will introduce you to the big classics of Californian cuisine, made soley from organic produce from France. The menu includes a choice of chicken, meat and fish tacos, salads, delicious burgers and fantastic desserts (pancakes, carrot cake, brownies, etc.).

Gluten free

Finally, the latest fashionable culinary trend: gluten free, like at the restaurant Noglu, which specializes in cooking with ingredients not containing gluten. From pea and mint soup to vegetable and turkey buns, club sandwiches and focaccias, you’ll be spoilt for choice!