Parisian parks and gardens

From the small neighborhood square to the Parisian woods, there are more than 500 green spaces spread across the twenty arrondissements of the City of Light.

Paris is particularly renowned for its monuments and gastronomy, but it also has some great parks and gardens. In total, the urban area boasts 2,300 hectares of greenery. With small public gardens, secret havens, big modern parks and the woods of Paris, the Parisian capital has no less than 500 parks and gardens in its 20 arrondissements. Each cultivates its own style and history: the very intimate Jardin du Palais-Royal, the vast Parc de la Villette, the romanticism of the Parc de Bagatelle or the unusual Petite Ceinture… every park and garden in Paris has an identity of its own!

Nature in Paris : this essential dossier has all the information on parks, gardens and green areas in Paris and the Paris region for you to go out and discover.