Have a drink in Paris

From Bastille to SoPi and from east to west, there are great bars to be found throughout Greater Paris.

Cocktail bars, quirky haunts and hot spots, live music bars and speakeasies: something’s bound to strike your fancy. Read on for our selection of bars that can’t be missed, broken down by neighborhood. Perfect for before dinner drinks, or possibly more…

The Marais: hip and trendy

Located in the capital’s historic center, the Marais is ground zero for all the latest trends, and headquarters for those in-the-know.

A cocktail bar: Candelaria (3rd arrondissement - Filles du Calvaire metro stop)

A mandatory stop! To enter the intimate bar and enjoy its Mexican ambiance, find the hidden door at the back of the taqueria. Rumor has it their margaritas are the best in the capital… And if you’re into star sightings, Kim Kardashian has been seen here with her family.

A hot spot: Max y Jeremy (3rd arrondissement - République metro stop)

They say this bar holds a hidden treasure. Here’s the scoop: it’s a beautiful vaulted cellar where wild parties attract those who appreciate good cocktails, Basque charcuterie, gourmet cheeses (the truffle-infused gouda is divine) and Spanish wines—all at amazingly reasonable prices.

A speakeasy: Little Red Door (3rd arrondissement - Filles du Calvaire metro stop)

The door may be little, but you’re in for a big surprise! If you’re into cocktails and sophisticated liquors and can dig a mysterious yet friendly atmosphere, don’t miss this charming (nearly) clandestine bar, voted among the best in the world every year…

Strasbourg-Saint-Denis: working class meets bobo

Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, is always a great place for a drink. The working-class neighborhood has become a hot spot with bobos.

A cocktail bar: La Petite Chaufferie (10th arrondissement - Bonne Nouvelle metro stop)

“Eat electro, listen organic.” It’s more than a slogan—it’s an anthem. At La Petite Chaufferie, the cocktails—alcoholic and virgin—are all organic, and come nightfall DJs from the local scene exchange tracks in a relaxed, festive atmosphere.

A hot spot: Chez Jeannette (10th arrondissement - Château d'eau metro stop)

This is not just another hip bar, it’s the hippest bistro in Paris! Its reputation has made its way around the world, and it’s easy to see why: at Chez Jeannette you’ll find a mixed crowd there to enjoy the period bar and the extensive, inexpensive wine list.

A speakeasy: Le Syndicat (10th arrondissement - Bonne Nouvelle metro stop )

Comrades, raise a glass! In the middle of this working-class neighborhood, behind a window covered in union posters, Le Syndicat stands and defends the art of traditional French spirits! The bar gives our grandparents’ favorite tipples pride of place! A piece of advice: try “Le Sudiste” cocktail and you’re sure to hear cicadas singing, whatever the weather.

A quirky haunt: Le Mauri7 (10the arrondissement - Strasbourg Saint-Denis metro stop)

With its old yet authentic decoration (long live the brown Formica of the 1970s), big, welcoming tables and affordable prices, Le Mauri7 is an institution! Things get wild on the weekend… The perfect place for a drink with friends.

Bastille: a classic in the Parisian nightscape

A classic choice for nighttime revelry in Paris, Bastille continues to lead the pack, with a wide variety of bars to suit any fancy.

A cocktail bar: The Lab (11th arrondissement - Bréguet-Sabin metro stop)

One of the best value-for-money spots for cocktails: €6 during happy hour for unique cocktails, with Berlin house music playing in the background. Its small size makes it the perfect place to chat up your neighbor, and the bartenders are fabulous!

A hot spot: Les Disquaires (11th arrondissement - Bastille metro stop)

Now this is one amped-up bar! Les Disquaires, is the land of records and home to those who like to groove: DJs and concerts ranging from jazz to hip-hop are on the lineup almost every night. On certain nights hors-d’oeuvres are on the house, and it’s crowd’s choice for music!

A speakeasy: Le Moonshiner (11th arrondissement - Bastille metro stop)

Hurry on over! This is one of the trendiest places in Paris, and it’s easy to see why! You get in…through the back door of a pizzeria! Once you’re through, you’ll find yourself in 1930s Chicago! Elegant house-club ambiance, delicious cocktails and whiskies, and cheap beer—what more could you ask for?

A quirky haunt: Le Café de la Presse (12th arrondissement - Ledru Rollin metro stop)

Don’t let the run-of-the-mill name fool you: this bar is anything but ordinary! New young artists, DJs and alternative groups take turns on the stage in this roomy venue, which used to be… a print shop. And if you’re into dancing, the parties often rage until 5 a.m.!

East: from time-honored Oberkampf to Montreuil


Like Bastille, Oberkampf is a pioneer on the Parisian after-dark scene.

A cocktail bar: La Fée verte (11th arrondissement - Bastille metro stop)

As its name suggests, this bar showcases “the green fairy” and its racy past. You can sample absinthe here, pure or in cocktails, but don’t go too crazy—it’s 72% alcohol by volume! Insider tip: don’t miss out on the food, which is inexpensive and served up until the wee hours.

Live music: L’International (11th arrondissement - Couronnes metro stop)

"L’Inter," as it’s often dubbed, puts on up to three concerts each evening, with an eclectic lineup: folk, rock, pop, hip-hop, electro, world music, French chanson and more. Free concerts, affordable drinks and a long happy hour, from 6 to 9 p.m.: everything you need for a great night out!


More and more evening revelers are making their way to Montreuil, the new it locale for night owls. Getting there is a snap with Metro line 9.

Live music: Café La Pêche (Montreuil - Mairie de Montreuil metro stop)

If you like getting an earful—of great music of course!—then Café La Pêche (Mairie de Montreuil metro stop) is the place for you. The bar, which opened in 1994, regularly hosts urban music concerts.

A quirky haunt: Le Chinois (Montreuil - Croix de Chavaux metro stop)

This place is not to be missed! Though there’s no sign outside, the welcome is warm and the prices defy all competition. And for the cherry on top: a full calendar of electro parties from all sub-genres, with 300 people dancing until dawn!

North: from SoPi (South Pigalle) to Saint-Ouen


Welcome to SoPi, the hot new locale for Parisian hipsters, where many bars await…

A cocktail bar: KB Cafeshop (9th arrondissement - Pigalle metro stop)

With its nice terrace, wide selection of teas and coffees, cozy ambiance and metal-and-wood Arte Povera design, KB Cafeshop has earned a name as a neighborhood must. Its organic brunch also pulls in a crowd.

A hot spot: Dirty Dick (9th arrondissement - Pigalle metro stop)

Though the name alludes to the neighborhood’s somewhat scandalous past, the only lascivious woman you’ll find here is the one pictured in the large central painting in this Polynesian cocktail bar, where the drinks are delicious and the value for money impressive.

speakeasy: L’Orphée (9th arrondissement - Pigalle metro stop)

Named in honor of the celebrated film directed by Cocteau and starring Jean Marais—who were regulars at the address, previously rumored to be a rather libertine sauna—L’Orphée carries on the somewhat risqué traditions of the neighborhood’s bars. No marked entrance here; you come in through the anonymous door of an apartment building. A bit of advice: don’t show up too late.


At the end of Metro line 13, come enjoy a laid-back working-class neighborhood where you can enjoy a drink or two without breaking the bank: welcome to Saint-Ouen!

A typical bistro: La Chope des Puces (Saint-Ouen - Garibaldi metro stop)

Set right in the middle of the biggest flea market in Europe, this little bistro is well worth a stop: people drop in to share a draught (lots of choices), have a bite or enjoy some gypsy jazz. There is no place more authentic!

Northeast: from La Villette to Pantin

Canal Saint-Martin / La Villette

Come have a drink along the water near La Villette. When the weather’s nice, it’s the place to be.

A hot spot: Le 9b (19th arrondissement - Couronnes metro stop)

Love at first sight! With foosball tables, a basement that doubles as a dancefloor after dark, and affordable prices, there’s no room for doubt: Le 9b is a success. From morning to night, from brunch to concerts and dancing, there’s something for everyone.

A speakeasy: Le Comptoir général (10th arrondissement - Goncourt metro stop)

Le Comptoir isn’t exactly clandestine, but it’s definitely iconoclastic. It’s a bar, a restaurant, a library, a second-hand store and a museum—a space for associations that has become a foundation. The place is full of ideas, projects and shows. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Along the water: Le BarOurcq (19th arrondissement - Laumière metro stop)

What in the world could be more enjoyable than having a drink by the waterside? La Villette, with its artificial lake, is the perfect spot! You’ll find bars galore. Le BarOurcq (19th arrondissement) is too much fun to miss. Up for a game of pétanque? A little sunbathing in a lounge chair? A board game? An exhibition? A pastis along the canal? Le BarOurcq has it all! Don’t dally—this place features one of the friendliest ambiances in the capital come spring. Good weather is so key to its atmosphere that it closes in winter…

A few other addresses also deserve a look: the elegant bar and restaurant La Rotonde (19th arrondissement) with its urban garden, the bucolic Le Pavillon des Canaux (19th arrondissement) and Paname Brewing Company (19th arrondissement), specialized in craft beers, to name a few.


At the end of Metro line 5, Pantin—dubbed “the new Brooklyn”—is one of the trendiest parts of Greater Paris. You’ll find plenty to do!

New! Dock B (Pantin - Eglise de Pantin metro stop)

It’s the buzz on everyone’s lips: the upcoming opening of Dock B in Pantin (at Église de Pantin metro stop) in the spring of 2017. This unmissable venue is going to make some noise! Dock B is set to welcome a live music café, a restaurant, a (secret) cocktail bar, a concept store, and more. In the meantime, you can already enjoy the terrace.

Honorable mentions

Austerlitz / La Butte-aux-Cailles

The 13th arrondissement is sure to have something that suits you. Trendy and polished in the Docks de Paris neighborhood, or laid-back in La Butte-aux-Cailles: the choice is yours.

A cocktail bar: At La Cité de la Mode et du Design (13th arrondissement - Gare d'Austerlitz metro stop)

You’ll have plenty of places to choose from—several bars and clubs, including the very exclusive Communion, have set up shop at the Docks.

Live music: La Folie en Tête (13th arrondissement - Corvisart metro stop)

Located in La Butte-aux-Cailles, La Folie en Tête is a laid-back bar that’s always got a full house. And it comes with a soundtrack: the café grooves to the rhythm of a full concert series.

From Malakoff to Vincennes

The towns south of Paris have a rhythm all of their own! There’s something for everyone, from typical neighborhood bars to trendy hot spots and quirky haunts—and all so close to Paris!

A typical bistro: Le Terminus Château (Vincennes - Château de Vincennes metro stop)

Head toward the Château de Vincennes to find a host of welcoming, inexpensive bars where partygoers gather on the weekend for a drink: Le Terminus Château, La Place, or the beer specialist La Tête à l’Envers, to name just a few. Lots to enjoy day or night! And here’s the icing on the cake: an amazing view of the castle!

A hot spot: Le Bistrot le Nouveau Brooklyn in Ivry-sur-Seine (Mairie d'Ivry metro stop)

Ivry’s trendy new café, “BNB,” is a modern, friendly, laid-back kind of place. It hosts concerts some nights.
Un lieu insolite : Au Timbre-Poste, in Malakoff (Porte de Vanves metro stop). You’ll find one of the most atypical décors of all Greater Paris just southwest of the capital. In this bar and restaurant decorated with antique signs and owned and run by a Basque whose hospitality is legendary, you’ll enjoy the house sangria—to die for! Gorgeous setting, cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere: what else could you want?


For a breathtaking view or to relax along the water: head west!

The trendiest spot in western Paris : La Passerelle (Boulogne-Billancourt - RER Issy - Val de Seine)

The trendiest spot in western Paris is La Passerelle, a bar and restaurant on a house boat, where you can take a break and relax in a laid-back environment. Anchored along the banks of the Seine in Boulogne-Billancourt, La Passerelle is particularly charming in the summer, with barbecues and bucolic cocktails just steps from Paris.

Take in La Défense and the capital from on high at the Meliá Hotel’s rooftop bar (La Défense - métro Esplanade de la Défense) : Paris SkyLine.

This cocktail bar features a classic menu with tapas and original creations. The view extends from the skyscrapers of La Défense to the Eiffel Tower. Paris is at your feet!