Green hotels

All the labels that recognize good environmental management of tourist accommodation.

The concierge Golden Keys and the Green Key now go together: Green Key is a label that recognizes good environmental management of tourist accommodation. Education about the environment, management of waste, water and energy are taken into account to satisfy a clientele that is sensitive to the protection of nature and keen to maintain good environmental practices during their holidays or on a business trip. Another label, on a European level, certifying an establishment’s commitment to protecting the environment is the European Ecolabel, which has certified six seven of the capital’s establishments and is a gauge of these hotels’ commitment to the environment. The Ecolabel celebrates its twentieth year of existence this year. The Accor group, for its part, has chosen an official eco label for the manufacture of its bed linen, and has created its own environmental charter. As for the ISO 9001 certification, it assures quality, reinforced by the ISO 14001 standards that focus on the continued improvement of environmental performance. We should also mention the specific involvement of the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) with thirty or so voluntary hotel managers, who share the objective of receiving the Ecolabel.

Green hotels in Paris