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Thanks to initiatives carried out by the City of Paris over the last few years, the French capital has become a paradise for cycling enthusiasts with almost 1,000 kilometres of cycle paths available today. New stretches are still being planned, and eventually Paris - whose famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées is the setting for the final stage of the Tour de France - will have 1,500 kilometres of cycle paths.

Major roads are now safely accessible to cyclists, such as the Rue de Rivoli or the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, not forgetting the Parc Rives de Seine, which alone provides 10 hectares of cycling routes on both sides of the banks of the Seine and is reserved for pedestrians and non-motorized means of transport at all times.

As part of the initiative ‘Paris Respire’ (‘Paris breathes’), many neighbourhoods are also closed to car traffic on Sundays and public holidays (all or part of the year). These are ideal times to discover or rediscover the Montmartre district, the Villette canal basin, or the Marais

For a longer ride, some cyclists might like to push on to the river Marne or continue along the canal Saint-Denis to explore natural habitats or the works of street art along the route.

To get the most out of Paris by bike, remember to respect the Highway Code (to avoid fines), and remember to be equipped with the necessary equipment: a bell, 2 brakes, rear lights, and insurance. Helmets are strongly recommended. You should also have an antitheft device.

Map of cycle routes in Paris

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