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Summer terraces prolong the party thanks to the Olympic Games!

This year, summer terraces will stay open until midnight, two hours later than usual, offering Parisian nights in the moonlight!

© Thomas Smith

Every spring since 2021, some 3,000 temporary terraces have been popping up in Paris from 1 April to 31 October, to the delight of Parisians and visitors. Although these terraces usually close at 10pm, this year they have an exceptional derogation!

Because Paris is getting ready to experience a unique summer with the arrival of the Olympic Games 2024, and this festival of sport brings a pleasant surprise for night goers. In anticipation of this sporting and festive excitement, Parisian summer terraces have been granted an exceptional extension to their opening hours from 1 July to 8 September 2024, with the possibility of opening until midnight! It's an initiative that will add sparkle to Parisian nights, enabling visitors and residents alike to make the most of their evenings in the summer months.

© Terrass Hotel

But that is not all! During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (26 July, 11 August, 28 August, and 8 September), and on the days of the Marche des Fiertés (29 June) and the French National Holiday (14 July), the summer terraces can even stay open all night! A rare Parisian experience, extending the summer evenings under the stars in the city's bars, brasseries, and restaurants.

So in 2024, why not spend some time on a terrace until the first light of dawn and discover the art of Parisian living! Whether you're planning a drink with friends after a day out or looking to take in the electric atmosphere of Olympic evenings, Paris's terraces have some unforgettable moments in store for you. With their distinctive charm and friendly atmosphere, these are perfect places to soak up the unique atmosphere of Paris. All you have to do is choose your perfect terrace!

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