Tableau affichage aéroport de Paris

Getting to Paris

You’ll find full practical information here for arriving in Paris by plane, train, car, coach, or boat.

Paris can be reached by train in a matter of hours from elsewhere in France and all major European cities

All the practical information you need to get to Paris from Paris - Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports
A convivial way to get to Paris whilst getting the most out of the use of just one car!

By car you’ll join one of the 30 “portes” of Paris

If you arrive by boat, find a berth right in the heart of Paris at the “Port de l’Arsenal”
By coach, you 'll arrive in the biggest coach station in Europe.

Customs and visas

Helpful advice for your arrival in and departure from France : customs, the Schengen zone, Atout France.
Transport Practical

Left-luggage services in Paris

Left-luggage services are available in Paris railway stations, amusement parks and in many places in the capital