Romantic visits

A guided tour is the ideal way to unlock the secrets of the French capital.

The City of Lights is a treasure trove of interesting places to see in the company of your beloved, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Greets Paris agency offers several tailor-made, confidential and unforgettable tours: luxury star cruise with a luxurious setting, elegance and sensuality in the universe of Argentine Tango etc...

Lanvin Visites offers a ‘Paris Romantique’ walk following the trail of the city’s greatest love stories and most famous couples: Abélard and Héloïse, Henri VI and his mistresses, Napoleon and Joséphine, etc. As for 1 Day in Paris, it takes lovebirds to see hidden gardens little-known squares and romantic cafés.

Why not explore the romantic side of Paris? Cultival offers you this opportunity with its guided tour ‘Paris côté coeur(s)’. On this tour through the little streets of the Marais, you’ll hear comic and risqué anecdotes, and learn some of the secrets of the love life of the capital’s famous historic figures.

For the more athletic, Discover Paris by Bike lets you discover Paris by bike during exclusive guided tours.

Why not tour Montmartre in a 2CV? Paris Authentic takes you on a romantic car ride. With Bustronome, food lovers can enjoy a special gourmet Valentine’s dinner on a sightseeing bus tour of Paris.