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101 boulevard Haussmann - 75008 Paris Champs-Élysées

New walking tours calendar: small groups of 2 to 6 people.

Provisional and adaptable timetables: Contact Promenade des Sens to check availability and make a reservation: +33 (0) 1 39 18 62 79 or [email protected]

2 person minimum per booking.

Enjoy these gourmet and historical walks around Paris with a series fun and informative tours designed by Marie-Bénédicte Pollet in 2006 supported by her team of tour guides who are passionate about cooking. Explore districts that are just as historical and quirky as its surroundings. Meet with passionate craftsmen who can share knowledge of their craft and their products with you. During the breaks, you can taste excellent gourmet food, along with some classics of French cuisine: Grand Cru chocolate, salted butter caramels, pastries, small salted regional specialities, etc. It’s adventure full of discoveries. The concept of guided tours in Paris can be adapted to other themes, such as crafts, fashion, perfume or decoration/design, as well as many other Parisian districts.

Tours available in common European languages and less common languages.

Promenade des Sens®, always in the spirit of highlighting French savoir-faire and craftsmanship, also organises culinary activities at the reception area in the 8th arrondissement: activities including chocolate, champagne, wine, cheese, even cooking and pastry classes, as well as workshops based on table decoration and the French art de vivre (art of living) What a day!

Opening times and prices


semi-personalized tour, no more than 6 participants per group, regular departures, €99 per person, Lasts roughly 3 hours: Private guided tours, price based on size of group, duration and programme of guided tours


tour Schedule (3 hour duration)
Gourmet and historic walk through Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Tuesday - Thursday 10:30pm/Saturday 2:00pm
Young creators in the Marais: Tuesday - Saturday 2pm-5.30pm / Thursday 10.30am-2pm.
Lifestyle and know-how in the Marais: Tuesday - Saturday 2pm-5.30pm / Thursday 10.30am-2pm.


  • With a tour guide
  • On foot
  • Architecture/town planning
  • Gastronomy and wine
  • Luxury tours
  • Treasure hunt, urban orienteering, escape game
  • Well-being and beauty
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums, monuments
  • Tailor-made tours
  • Themed tours
  • Walks, districts
Language(s) spoken:

German, English, Arabic, Chinese - Cantonese, Chinese - Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian


Offer adapted to disabled people

Physical disability: For walking tours, at least one tour is adapted for people in wheelchairs.

Paris for people with disabilities

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