Paris 4 Lovers

Paris4Lovers is dedicated to all true Paris Lovers : living in Paris for over 30 years, Gilles knows many of the city's secrets. Certified Guide, trained at Ecole du Louvre, Gilles will share some of his secrets along unedited walking tours, mixing History and town gossip. On top of being familiar with the main museums (Louvre, Orsay, Orangerie), Gilles will also invite you to share his love for Paris, from Passy to Montmartre, from Auteuil to Montparnasse. He will make you able to discover a subtle, unknown and mysterious city. With Gilles, Paris Love will be your guide to the city corners and alleys : you might meet this love for good in one of those inedited tailor made tours, but in any case you will find an authentic Paris far from the usual routine.

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Opening times and prices


2h -2h30 Tour : €12/person (Method of payment : cash)




  • With a tour guide
  • On foot
  • Architecture/town planning
  • Luxury tours
  • Tailor-made tours
  • Walks, districts
Language(s) spoken:

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese


Offer adapted to disabled people

- Physical disability: for visits on foot, there is at least one tour adapted for wheelchair users.

Paris for people with disabilities

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