Romantic Paris

Walks, restaurants, shows… Paris is the ideal setting for the greatest love stories to unfold…

Romantic Paris

Walk hand-in-hand through the most beautiful parts of the city, exchange a kiss in the shade of a hundred-year-old tree, enjoy dinner for two at a Michelin-starred restaurant, spend a magical night in a charming boutique hotel… In Paris, the city of love, there is no shortage of places to live those unforgettable romantic moments!
Three romantic days sightseeing in Paris en tête-à-tête
The banks of the Seine have enchanted lovers for centuries and are the perfect place for a romantic stroll.
Paris boasts a wealth of green spaces – ideal places to steal a kiss away from prying eyes!
Discover romance and passion in Parisian art museums.
Romanticism Walk

Romantic visits

A guided tour is the ideal way to unlock the secrets of the French capital.
Have Paris at your feet with the most beautiful views of the city
The best spots in the city for a postcard-style kiss
French kissing or stolen kisses, the dim lighting in cinemas creates a romantic atmosphere for couples in love
To surprize, amaze and dazzle your loved one, declare your love in an original setting
Go for something completely original for an unforgettable proposal
Cruises, concerts... ideas for romantic outings in Paris
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Cruises in Paris

Romantic, offbeat, enchanting ... a cruise on the River Seine is always an unforgettable moment.
Fancy something unusual? Climb aboard a pedicab or tuk-tuk!
Want an ultra-glamorous experience? Opt for a chauffeur-driven car!
A bus tour of Paris, a must for panoramic views of the city!
Refined setting, fine cuisine … Go for a Michelin-starred restaurant to declare your love!
After a day’s walking hand-in-hand in Paris, what could be better than a cosy one-on-one dinner by the fireside!
See the city laid out before you when you dine at a restaurant offering incredible panoramic views. Heavenly!
Let the Seine introduce you to Paris and its monuments on a leisurely lunch or dinner cruise.
There are many exceptional terraces in Paris. Make the most of them on nice days!
To spice up a romantic tryst, some original restaurants bring together gastronomic dining and an unusual setting.
Go for dinner at one of Paris’s historic restaurants and combine a taste experience with exceptional surroundings

Pampered, arty, gourmet or quirky – there are a thousand ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris!

Thinking of going for a drink? To seal your love for one another or just to be romantic, nothing can replace the magic of champagne!
Why not try out ballroom dancing for close embraces on the dance floor to some great music?
Have an evening of crazy romance with cabaret entertainment in Paris.
Enjoy a night of romance in the most romantic rooms in Paris !
Why not treat yourself to the loveliest room at a deluxe hotel where you’ll be pampered by the staff?

Do things big and take a room in a gorgeous hôtel particulier. You can experience chateau life for yourselves!

Paris, the design city par excellence, has numerous boutique hotels decorated or redecorated by interior designers
For a night like no other, surprise your other half and choose an offbeat or original hotel.
Certain B&Bs, more personalized than the majority of hotels, are absolute gems.
Choose an aparthotel and live like real Parisians. Like being at home, but with all the services of a hotel.
Try out the experience of a hotel in the daytime to add a sense of adventure.
Looking for a gift for your sweetheart? Paris has plenty of suggestions.
Follow your heart and give jewellery as a token of your love.
Fine lingerie is an ideal present for arousing passion: a pleasure for the senses.
Make your loved one happy by taking them back a souvenir of Paris.
Break the rules and lift taboos with cheeky and erotic gadgets.
For a treat for the taste buds, there’s nothing like a gourmet gift to enjoy together.
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, and Simone Signoret and Yves Montand all fell in love in Paris