Ciné-balade : guided tours on cinema Ciné-balade : guided tours on cinema

Ciné-balade : guided tours on cinema

Discover the magical world of cinema through unique guided tours in Paris with Ciné-Balade! Whether you are a passionate movie lover, a curious visitor, or a family seeking adventure, let yourself be carried away on a captivating journey through the picturesque streets of the French capital.

In the footsteps of Amélie Poulain, discover the cult cinema spots of the Butte Montmartre.
Relive 1920s Paris as in the Woody Allen film ‘Midnight in Paris' during a guided tour of the Quartier Latin. Discover the film locations and mythical artists.
Discover Père-Lachaise cemetery through the prism of cinema, with this comprehensive guided tour.

Embark on a discovery of Montmartre, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Paris, which has served as a backdrop for numerous legendary films. During the guided tour of Montmartre in the cinema, you will immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere that has inspired renowned directors. From "Amélie" to "Moulin Rouge," and "Amélie's Fabulous Destiny," relive unforgettable moments of the seventh art as you stroll through the paved alleyways and contemplate the breathtaking view from the Montmartre hill.

Would you like to discover another facet of Parisian cinema? The guided tour of Montreuil in the cinema invites you to explore this dynamic neighborhood in the east of Paris, which has also been the filming location for many movies. Let yourself be surprised by the authentic settings and iconic places that have served as the backdrop for remarkable film productions. From the realism of "La Haine" to the poetic universe of "Les Triplettes de Belleville," you will dive into the heart of French cinema history.

Woody Allen fans won't be able to resist the guided tour of the film "Midnight in Paris." Immerse yourself in the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of this feature film, which celebrates the love for the City of Light and its artistic heritage. Walk in the footsteps of the protagonist played by Owen Wilson and discover the iconic locations that inspired this enchanting movie.

These guided tours on cinema in Paris are designed to offer you a total immersion in the magical world of the seventh art. Whether you are a passionate cinephile, a curious visitor, or a family seeking entertainment, these cinematic walks will allow you to discover Paris from an original and captivating perspective.

Book your spot now for an unforgettable cinema walk experience in the City of Lights. Come and explore Parisian cinema, discover the secrets of filmmaking, and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the places that have inspired the greatest directors. Join us and live your own script in Paris!

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Mazen J.
July 14th 2024
It was crowded, but everything was very well organized. We got to see everything we wanted to see, have a quick snack at the balcony cafe, and then out to the gardens for the kids to play.
Jemima O.
Highly recommended
July 14th 2024
Amazing service, fast, reliable and very responsive. Highly recommended!
Sissel S.
July 11th 2024
Had tickets to 2nd floor by lift. Very nice view