Gourmet outings in Paris

Gourmet outings in Paris

Savor the delights of Parisian gastronomy during Gourmet Tours in Paris. Whether you're visiting with family or exploring the city, let yourself be captivated by unique culinary experiences that will unveil the gourmet treasures of the City of Light.

In the iconic district of Montmartre, allow yourself to be tempted by a Gourmet Tour focused on pastry. Uncover the secrets of local pastry chefs and indulge in sweet delights that epitomize French cuisine's reputation.

In the heart of Le Marais, dive into the world of "pâtissologie" during a unique experience. Learn the techniques of French pastry-making and create your own gourmet masterpieces under the guidance of passionate experts.

Book your Gourmet Tours in Paris now and immerse yourself in the realm of French cuisine. Let passionate experts guide you as you discover the flavors and culinary pleasures of the City of Light. An unforgettable culinary experience awaits you!

Have you heard of pâtissologie® (patissology in English)? This pastry version of oenology is an invitation to explore the different aspect of delicious patisserie.
from €120
Set off to discover gourmet Paris with the company ‘Honoré vous guide’
Dilettantes offers a selection of 150 rare and authentic champagnes, mostly from grand cru terroir, all elaborated by craftsmen winemakers.
With a timeless charm, a hilltop, the Sacre Coeur, a cosmopolitan population, and trendy addresses, Montmartre is both unique and typical of the French Art de Vivre.
Built in the 18th century and home to 600 m² of wine cellars, the Caves du Louvre was formerly the royal wine cellar of King Louis XV.
Discover the city of light from a gastronomic point of view thanks to the Paris A Dream Gourmet Walks. From delicious pastries to artisanal cheeses to fine wines, each stop will introduce you to new flavors and show you the French culinary art in all its splendor. With an exciting guided tour that will introduce you to the history and culture of the city, the Paris A Dream Gourmet Walks are a not-to-be-missed gustatory and cultural experience for any French food lover.
Hop on board the Bus Toqué for a unique experience in Paris! Explore the City of Light conveniently and comfortably while enjoying an exceptional gastronomic offer.

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Kaitlyn J.
September 21st 2023
Great bikes and service!
Marika Z.
September 21st 2023
Wery nice palace
Melanie K.
September 18th 2023
We had 4 very delicious wines accompanied with nice side dishes. The place is very cosy and the people very symphatic.