Eco-responsible restaurants, food trucks and ice-cream makers in Paris

Eating well in Paris, with organic and local and seasonal products.

By favouring organic and seasonal food, you eat healthier whilst preserving the health of the planet. And, eating locally-produced foods significantly reduces transport-related CO2 emissions whist supporting the local economy.

In Paris, this conscious choice has become simple. For example, the label ‘Des produits d’ici, cuisinés ici’ (‘Locally-sourced products cooked onsite’) identifies restaurants that are supporters of slow food and short supply chains. Street food also has its own street cooking label: ‘Ici, la cuisine est dans la rue’ (‘Here, the cooking is in the street’)!

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List of restaurants with the label "Des produits d'ici, cuisinés ici" in the Paris region

For organic food fans, Paris has numerous restaurants, snack bars, ice-cream sellers, patisseries offering organic products.

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The application FairTrip makes it easy to find a Parisian restaurant that uses short supply chains to source products directly from producers, and lists no less than 200 restaurants in Paris. By choosing one of these establishments, you will also be guaranteed traditional and authentic cooking, with true local products!

FairTrip is a mobile app offering a free collaborative guide that lists restaurants, accommodation, shops, experiences, etc. everywhere in the world, for their authentic character and their positive social impact. Places are selected according to strict criteria: respect for socio-cultural authenticity and cultural heritage, support for the local economy, social solidarity or favouring short food supply chains of at least 50%, in order to help support producers. Available on iOS and Android.