Arts and Crafts in Paris

De l’artisanat de bouche à l’artisanat d’art, Paris regorge de créateurs et d’artistes

Whether they are made in France or in Paris, there is no shortage of artisanal products in the capital! Shops, workshops, factories: take a glance at artisanal products in Paris.

The ‘Made in Paris’ label

Each year the ‘Made in Paris’ label is awarded to a handful of outstanding artisans with a proven record of Parisian production. For the period 2020-2021 this accounted for 331. Amongst these, three favourites of the public and 15 distinguished by the accreditation panel, which we disclose to you in this article.

Local food shops in Paris

Everyone knows that Paris and gastronomy go together. Artisanal products can be found on the corner every street, in top restaurants and small bistros. What’s more, many local shops, grocery shops, butcher's shops, cheese shops, bakeries, or chocolate shops, coffee makers and breweries are all hugely popular. Isn't it said that it is in Paris that one eats the best pastries?

For cheese fans, the Laiterie de la Chapelle, 72 rue Philippe Girard is the place to enjoy products labelled ‘Made in Paris’. Le Labat (favourite of the public in 2020), an ash-coated goat's cheese with a unique taste, is to be savoured at the Laiterie de Paris, 74 rue des Poissonniers. At 41 rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paroles de Fromagers is delighted to welcome and pass on to its customers the French know-how that goes into making and tasting cheese.

In search of outstanding products? Head to Comptoir de la Tour d’Argent and the Boulanger de la Tour, two brands where you will have the opportunity to discover unique, high-quality products from the celebrated La Tour d’Argent restaurant.

Sweet-toothed fans will drool over the chocolatiers of top chefs: chez Cyril Lignac, 25 rue de Chanzy, or in one of the Parisian shops of Chocolat Alain Ducasse.

As for drinks, Paris is not to be outdone! As can be seen by the many artisanal brewers that have sprung up in recent years: la Baleine, la Batignolle, la Goutte d’Or, la Parisis, la BAPBAP and the Paname Brewing Company. You will find these beers at all good wine merchants and bistros in the Paris region. Artisanal distilleries also offer locally made spirits : the Distillerie du Viaduc at 55 rue Daumesnil in the 12th arrondissement or the Distillerie L'Alambic Parisien in the 20th arrondissement, at 32 rue Volga.

Arts and Crafts: jewellery, clothing, accessories

Parisian arts and crafts also include ready-to-wear, accessories and jewellery. Be on the lookout in shopping districts: there are designer boutiques everywhere! Such as: Nadine Delépine, whose works are labelled ‘Made in Paris’ and Or du Monde, an expert in ethical and eco-responsible handcrafted jewellery.

Fans of berets should will adore Laulhère, in Faubourg Saint-Honoré, whose signature berets are made in accordance with traditional know-how in the south-west of France. Looking for an original souvenir of Paris? Head for Les Toits Parisiens : a boutique-workshop where you can learn all about slate and zinc! Come and create your own unique and authentic object right in the heart of the Marais district.

Would you like to support young designers? The dazzling boutique Bleu Simone, at 81 boulevard Voltaire is decked out with colourful earrings by Fabrique d’Antoinette, headbands and bows by Wax Etc, as well as leather goods and decorative objects in resolutely contemporary tones. A must!

Arts and Crafts: home decor

Place de la Bastille Colonne de Juillet Want to freshen up your interior decor? The concept store Empreinte, at 5 rue de Picardie, gives pride of place to arts and crafts. It is a wonderful place with lots to see and that you never get tired of strolling around.

If you are in the 9th arrondissement, there is the Marché de la Création Bastille, held every Saturday from 10am to 6pm on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. It is home to a large number of artists and artisans in painting, engraving, photography and ceramics.

Also to discover, two products awarded by the ‘Made in Paris’ label's accreditation panel in 2020:

  • A coffee table in teak by Récréateur, 6 rue Archereau 75019
  • Éole, a feather painting by Maison Vermeulen, 57 avenue Daumesnil.

Ateliers WeCanDoo: seek out the artist in you!

How would you like to take part in an artisan’s workshop so that they can pass on their knowledge to you? Wood, leather, ceramic, plant, textile, glass, food products or metal: with the workshops WeCanDoo, you can discover the materials, make the object of your dreams, or learn about the world of artisan food with the city's artisans. That's also what discovering artisanal arts and crafts in Paris is about!

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