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Restaurants & Disability

Cafes, bars, brasseries and restaurants accessible to people with disabilities, in or around Paris.

Restaurants & Disability

Are you looking for a cafe, a bar, a brasserie or a restaurant in or around Paris, accessible to people with disabilities? Places for having a drink or a meal correspond to two levels of accessiblity: some have the 'Tourisme & Handicap' label (an approved quality rating which guarantees a high-standard of accessibility), others are establishments which while not having this approved label are nevertheless accessible.

Are you looking for a café, bar, brasserie or restaurant in Paris or the surrounding area that is accessible to people with disabilities? There are two levels of accessibility for places to have a drink or a meal: some have the Tourisme & Handicap label, a quality approach that guarantees a high level of accessibility, and others are not part of this quality approach but are nonetheless accessible.

My Paris Je t'aime is here to help you find the restaurant best suited to your needs in Paris and the surrounding area. Refine your search by choosing location (by must-see places, by district, etc.) and handicap accessibility (by handicap, or with Tourisme & Handicap label):


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