Disabled / Activity

Leisure & disability

Cinemas, theatres, show venues, theme parks, sporting facilities or parks accessible to disabled people, in and around Paris.

Leisure & disability

Are you looking for a cinema, theatre, show venue, theme park, sporting facilities or park, in or around Paris, accessible to disabled people? This rubric offers you practical information on organizing your outings and making the most of leisure facilities.
Exhibitions and activities in and around Paris accessible to all the public.
Disabled Activity

Adapted cultural entertainment

Leisure activities and events in and around Paris accessible to all the public.
Museums and monuments in the Paris region accessible to disabled people with the 'Tourisme & Handicap' mark.
Parks and gardens in and around Paris accessible to disabled people.
Disabled Congress - Tourism and leisure

Accessible outings via the Seine riverbanks

Accessible itineraries for wheelchair users via the banks of the Seine to discover Paris and its monuments.