An evening out dancing

Why not try out ballroom dancing for close embraces on the dance floor to some great music?

What could be more romantic than ballroom dancing? There are several places in Paris you can go to dance a tango, salsa, waltz, etc. At La Bellevilloise, you can have lessons to learn the tango, the swing or even the lindy hop, from the 1920s.

At La Casa del Tango, you dance in true Parisian spirit in the most romantic ambiance imaginable. And for beginners, some places like the Théâtre de Verre offer classes a few hours before the dances organized at weekends.

Deep within the Buttes Chaumont park, the guinguette-style cafe Rosa Bonheur, housed in a listed building, is a popular spot for dancing on fine summer evenings.

Even more unusual, the Chalet des Iles, on the banks of a lake in the Bois de Boulogne, offers a bucolic setting in summer and a cosy setting in winter with its lovely fireplace. There is also the additional charm of having to get to this secret haven by boat. Calling all swing or jazz fans. Several nights, a week the 600 m² dance floor is a dream for dance aficionados. During the day, tea dances take place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

The Balajo, a hot spot for Latino dancing, offers a tea dance every Monday afternoon. On Tuesday and Thursday there is salsa, kizomba and bachata music while Wednesday nights are reserved for rock.

Salsa (Cuban and Porto Rican) fans, beginners and the more proficient won’t want to miss the opportunity to dance at La Pachanga from Tuesday to Sunday.