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Public transport in Paris: 5 tips for visitors

Paris’s public transport system is a practical way of getting around the French capital. Here are a few tips on how to use it.

Here are 5 tips for avoiding any inconveniences when using public transport and for having a journey without any mishaps:

1. Beware of pickpockets

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Pickpockets may be present on public transport. It is therefore important to be vigilant and to keep your personal belongings in your bag, check that it is well closed and carry it in front of you.

2. Buy your transport tickets at official sales points

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Sometimes illegal street sellers offer to sell you cheap-price transport tickets. Beware, these are not valid and will not give you access to public transport (or they may be valid and cost you up to 10 times the normal price). Go to official sales points (in stations, at some tobacconists’ or on our website) to buy your tickets.

3. Vérifiez la durée, le périmètre et les correspondances de vos titres de transports

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A transport ticket may have a limited validity, limited geographical zones or connections. A ticket enables you to make connections up to 1hr30 after the first time it is validated, only in the combination metro/RER or bus/tramway. Note also, when you leave Paris by public transport (to go to Versailles, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport), you enter a new pricing zone, which sometimes requires the use of several tickets (bus) or a transport ticket that is valid for several zones (in the RER, for which tickets are available in the station).

4. Keep your ticket with you until you go out of the exit

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During your journey on public transport, you may come across ticket inspectors who will ask you to show them your valid transport ticket. It is vital to validate your ticket and keep it until the end of your journey.

5. Beware of fake inspectors

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Fake inspectors may ask for your tickets, give you a fine and ask you to pay it immediately in cash. Official inspectors are recognizable by their uniform and give you the choice of paying in cash or by banker’s card. And if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask them to show you proof that they are an agent employed by the RATP, the SNCF or the STIF transport authorities.

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