Inexpensive Paris

Looking for some great savings in Paris? Here are all the best addresses for going out, accommodation and shopping on a budget.

Inexpensive Paris

Prepare your stay in Paris and save money, discover lots of great ideas for enjoying the capital for less... Museums, restaurants, shopping, hotels, concerts, bars, etc. Discover the inexpensive places for a great time on a low budget. Follow the guide!
See our selection of budget hotels where you can stay for between 50 euros and 85 euros per night
Another way of experiencing Paris is to book bed & breakfast (B&B) accommodation
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Youth hostels

A laid-back atmosphere and competitive prices at Youth Hostels in Paris.
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Enjoy a stay in the open air ... Camping in Paris
To sightsee and save money, there are various types of passes at very attractive prices
Buy last minute tickets with cheap way
See our tips for buying Opera at the last minute, online, and, by taking advantage of preferential rates
Independent art house cinemas and the film festivals : a few addresses for seeing films without overspending.
Friendly atmospheres and inexpensive prices in all kinds of bars
Many bars in Paris offer a programme of cheap or even free concerts.
A meal in a restaurant in Paris for just a few euros? Find out where this is possible with our selection of cheap restaurants.
Where to find the best street food in Paris: food trucks, sandwiches, crêpes, kebabs, falafel…
Street food and food trucks for a quick, no frills, affordable snack of your choice in Paris
Where can you taste quality food at budget prices? In hotel management schools in Paris.
Make the most of the Paris sales (in winter and summer) to shop at bargain prices.
Some brands offer items at affordable prices outside the sales periods.
Discover big name clearance stores in Paris for designer clothes at low prices
Ideal for finding all the brands at affordable prices in one place.
There is nothing like second-hand goods for savvy shopping in Paris.
Flea markets, bric-a-brac shops, junk shops and open-air jumble sales … so many places in Paris to pick up a bargain.
Some shops sell CDs and DVDs at cheap prices.
Top tips in Paris for head to toe beauty without spending a fortune.
Often through taking out a subscription, see institutes that offer inexpensive waxing.
As well as specialist hairdressing salons, see training institutions for hairdressers, which are always looking for models.
Get an inexpensive professional makeover.