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Opera at reduced prices

See our tips for buying Opera at the last minute, online, and, by taking advantage of preferential rates

The Magic Flute by Mozart, Carmen by Bizet, La Traviatia by Verdi … An outing to the opera is an unforgettable experience! Tickets are not always affordable for everyone, but there are some tips for getting cheap tickets to see top operas, ballets and concerts at the Opéra de Paris.

‘Last minute tickets’ enable you to buy a cut-price ticket. The Palais Garnier opera house, for example, sells tickets for 6th-category seats at 10 euros on the same day of the performance as soon as the ticket desks open at 11.30am.

If you don’t mind standing up, the Bastille opera house also sells tickets for standing room only at 5 euros. To buy them, go to the ticket office at the Opéra Bastille from 11.30am on the day of the performance.

To make opera accessible to all audiences, the Opéra de Paris (Bastille and Garnier) organizes special events ‘Les rendez-vous du mercredi’: on some Wednesdays, at midday, the public can take advantage of limited offers, by Internet only, on a selection of current shows (the last places for shows that have been sold out, exceptional reductions …). So, keyboard at the ready!

According to availability, last-minute seats are available to people aged under 28 and over 65 at preferential rates all year round. To take advantage of these, you need to go to the ticket desks at the Opéra de Paris (Bastille or Garnier), half an hour before the beginning of the performance.

Finally, if the show that you wanted to see is sold out, go to the online official website of the Opéra de Paris (, where you will find second-hand tickets that individuals have put on sale.

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