Cleo Impact: the impact calculator for your event

Stakeholders in the destination of Paris and its region are working together to promote the contribution of events to the region and measure their positive impact on the local ecosystem, their economic spin-offs, their environmental performance and their legacy.

Cleo Impact is a new-generation calculator, available free of charge to organisers of national and international professional events and events for the general public (sport and culture).

Cleo Impact calculates the carbon footprint (e.g. energy and transport), the economic benefits (direct and indirect) and the legacy left by your event to its host region (infrastructure or social contributions).

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Understanding the footprint left by your event also enables you to identify the positive impacts it leaves on the host region. How can we support increasingly sustainable events and measure the benefits for the local ecosystem, in keeping with the values of the destination? Whether the heritage is socio-cultural or based on the sharing of knowledge, it plays a key role in raising the profile of Paris and its region, helping to stimulate the local economic fabric. Depending on its sector of activity, each organiser becomes an influential player in the region, and can play a leading role in promoting creativity or heritage, for example, encourage the scientific sector through university work and partnerships with research centres, or act as a link between residents and visitors on themes such as the environment, education, etc.

Cleo Impact's intuitive, easy-to-use features have been developed to help you quickly assess the impact of your event, by providing you with concrete indicators. The results can then be used to identify areas for improvement and encourage collaboration with all stakeholders, in terms of both sustainability and visitor experience.

Cleo Impact's ambition is to cover the whole of France and propose recommendations and alternatives for ecological compensation.
As a reminder, every year in Paris (pre-covid period), there are more than 800 congresses, 1,00,000 corporate events and 430 trade fairs, making the capital one of the leading cities for events and congresses. These events represent more than €15 billion in annual economic spin-offs for the Ile-de-France region.

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