Non-motorized & low impact transport for corporate events

Getting from one place to another smoothly using non-polluting (human powered) transport or low-impact transport is now an essential element to integrate into the planning of events.

In terms of transport, non-motorized travel (or active mobility) is human powered and includes walking, cycling, scooters … Low impact transport is transport that whether collective or individual, contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions (electric bicycles, carpooling, hybrid transport, etc.). These are all new alternatives to the private car and to group transport (traditional coaches).

In congested traffic areas, these new modes of transport are often faster. They are also cleaner, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help to make business events more environmentally friendly.

We have identified some alternative and original solutions for your future trips:


The Treep offers innovative ‘Mobility Planner’ services to make business travel better for society (more efficient, economical, easy to use, etc.) and for the planet (more environmentally friendly). The agency offers a multimodal application software (integration of trains, bicycles, taxis ... to establish the ‘best’ route) and CSR Dashboard offers to monitor travel and the impact on the planet.


For short distances, walking is the best means of travel. In Paris, many points of interest and business centres are within walking distance.

For an original activity: RunRun Tours


For over a century, the Paris metro has played a central role in the daily lives of people in the Ile-de-France (Paris region). Paris is a city with a comprehensive public transport network (bus, metro, RER, transilien) enabling everyone to get around easily and quickly.

Map of the Paris metro network


In recent years, Paris has become an important cycle city with 1,000 kms of bike lanes available and bicycle journeys, which now account for 7% of all journeys. Take advantage of this opportunity and think of the bike as a mode of transport for getting from one point to another or as a companion for a guided tour.

Paris à Vélo

Holland Bikes Tours and Rentals

Paris Bike Tour




Bike parking: Wheelskeep

And also: DolceVia, a platform that lets you organise a cycling trip by hiring an electric bike from point A to point B in Paris.


Decide to stay with the car by choosing chauffeur-driven transport such as Caocao Mobility (fleet of 100% electric or hybrid) and Imediat Services (hybrid). Also, take a look at the professional carpooling app TaxyMatch, which connects drivers and passengers with similar journeys.

For 100% electric or gas coach journeys (groups), opt for Tootbus, a bus company that offers bus tours of Paris but also services for travel from one point to another during private events.

The coach company SETA offers hybrid buses and Stepien buses running on natural gas.


It is difficult to really plan your electric boat trips in the capital. However, the Seine offers some great options for visits and activities on the water using low impact forms of transport.

Green Rivers Cruises

Marin d’Eau Douce

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