Organising an accessible event in Paris

To help disabled people attend your event in Paris with complete peace of mind, here are a few things to remember and a range of transport, event venues, accommodation, restaurants and activities accessible to all.


Whether or not you are accompanied by a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) or an incoming agency specialising in business groups (DMC), here are a few essential questions to ask yourself to enable people with special needs to take part in your entire event:

  • Is the venue accessible by wheelchair-friendly public transport?
  • Do the transport companies you have chosen have wheelchair-accessible vehicles and drivers trained to deal with people with disabilities?
  • Is the chosen venue accessible? Is it on one level or with stairs that are systematically compensated for by lifts or ramps, with wide, unobstructed corridors, and is it equipped with adapted sanitary facilities?
  • Are the communication tools and the event accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments or mental disabilities? Is the signage legible, visible and understandable to all, combining text and pictograms? Is there a magnetic loop, simultaneous transcription, audio description, sign language interpreters, etc.?
  • Similarly, are the accommodation, restaurants and activities booked for the event adapted for people with disabilities?


As part of its policy to promote business tourism that is accessible to all, Paris je t'aime can help you find venues and activities that are accessible to people with disabilities, so that your event is fully inclusive.

To help you plan an accessible event in Paris, we've set up a web application to list sites adapted to your needs (accommodation, restaurants, cultural venues) that are located around your position or a specific address.


For any questions specific to people with disabilities, you can contact our Disability department by email: [email protected] or by telephone - service Handicap exclusively - at 01 49 52 53 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).