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Guided tours, themed itineraries, evenings at wine merchants … Original ideas for wine tasting in Paris

France is reputed for the quality of its wine and attracts numerous wine buffs. In Paris, many wine and champagne bars welcome enthusiastic œnologues and beginners, and wine merchants present the latest vintages that they have sourced. For original tastings, various companies offer special guided tours on the theme of wine, to meet independent winegrowers. These tours take the form of walks around town, urban orienteering, or a trip to a wine region and wine storehouse. Other companies organize wine tasting evening events to introduce their clients to wine, to teach them how to identify flavours and to compare the characteristics of different wines.

Special guided wine tours

Les caves du Louvre

© Les Caves du Louvre

The Caves du Louvre, in the former mansion of the sommelier to Louis XV, have recently opened their doors to the public, and offer a surprising experience. They invite visitors to approach the subject of wine in a sensory way. Five rooms spread over 600 m² each appeal to a different sense: smell, touch, sight, hearing … provoking sensations that are a key to understanding wine ... Taste – the final sense appealed to at a wine tasting – is discussed at the end of the tour, in a room where visitors are invited to taste several wines. A fascinating and instructive place to learn about French wine.

Note: interactive tour via the application ‘Wine in Paris’ for smartphones and tablets (loan possible).


© DR

The champagne cellar Dilettantes is the champagne specialist. Situated in the 6th arrondissement, the champagne merchant has selected champagnes from the vineyards of 25 quality winegrowers. The stone cellar hosts tastings and wine workshops in groups.

Promenade des Sens

© OTCP - Jacques Lebar

For an unusual walk in Paris, Promenade des Sens combines a cultural visit with some indulgent tasting. On request, the agency organizes an itinerary for groups to celebrated wine merchants in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. Wine and champagne tasting, explanations from enthusiastic wine professionals plus other historic anecdotes about monuments in the district fill this 3-4 hour walk.

Note: in French and English.

Original wine tastings

Ô Chateau


Ô Chateau offers wine tasting classes everyday to enjoy and discover French wine. Learn how to taste and evaluate a wine with a sommelier, discover the main regions and grapes in France and other tips for a fan and unique experience in Paris.

La Route des Gourmets

© DR

Wine, champagne and regional products are the focus at La Route des Gourmets. Several options to choose from to discover France and its wine. For example, the ‘Prestige’ wine tasting workshop is held at Maison Legrand, in the prestigious Galerie Vivienne. The focus is on six grands crus, accompanied by charcuterie and cheese. The ‘duo tasting’ is designed for loving couples and offers an exploration of rare champagnes.

Note: in French and English.

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Les Piqueurs

© Les Piqueurs

In the pretty shop les Piqueurs, located in Montmartre, at the foot of the funicular, you can discover a selection of wines handpicked by two enthusiasts. The concept is original : only one winemaker is chosen per appellation. The selected winegrowers favour sustainable and reasonde agriculture. And the prices offered are those of the domaine. The friendly place is also open for tasting to help amateurs and neophytes make their choice.


© jasminaurosevic

Awakening your senses starts here. Discover the art of pairing wine and cheese with the expertise of renowned sommelier Jasmina Urosevic and master cheesemaker Alexandre Renault! During this 1h30 session, in a small group of 14 people, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cheese and wine. You'll learn all about cheese-making and the subtleties of wine-tasting. Jasmina and Alexandre will take you on a journey through the terroirs, sharing their stories and secrets. Discover five wines from around the world, each perfectly matched with a selection of cheeses, for a unique taste experience in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the C.O.W. boutique.

Vedettes de Paris


Enjoy a Parisian cruise and taste one of France’s most prestigious specialties: champagne! Alongside a wine professional, enjoy 3 champagnes selected by oenologists from Ô Château as you cruise along the Seine past the finest monuments in Paris.

Note: in French and English.

De Vinis Illustribus

De Vinis Illustribus offers private wine tastings in its stone-vaulted 17th century wine cellar in the Latin Quarter. Recent wine, old vintage wine, great classics: the wine merchant organizes several workshops in the daytime and in the evening. Tasting dinners in the wine cellar are possible. The manager also gives suggestions on food and wine pairing and on ideas for giving wine as a gift.

Note: in French and English.

Different tasting options.


Discover the most famous French wine regions along with an expert! For connoisseurs or novices, the tasting sessions proposed by Wine Tasting in Paris will give your taste buds a treat and reveal the secrets of French wine.

Note: in English.

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