Where to eat crepes in Paris

Every day is Pancake Day in Paris!

Discover a selection of crêperies in Paris to enjoy delicious, sweet crêpes or savoury buckwheat pancakes.

Sweet or savoury, crepes are a favourite with everyone! Originally a Breton speciality, the galette – or buckwheat pancake – is made with buckwheat flour and served as a savoury dish, accompanied by a bowl (bolée) of cider, or apple juice for children. But for a sweet treat, there’s nothing like a crepe! Popular fillings include butter and sugar, sugar and lemon juice, salted caramel, and the famous crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier. All these and more can be enjoyed in the many crêperies in Paris or on the go from a street stall.

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For a sweet or savoury snack, Lulu la Nantaise beside the canal Saint-Martin has an extensive menu of gourmet crêpes. La Galetterie, Cœur de Breizh, the Crêperie Suzette, Patakrep and the Crêperie Bertine offer various delicious crêpes and pancakes, small and large, in a simple and friendly setting.

The sweet and savoury organic buckwheat pancakes at the Armorix crêperie on rue Sainte Marthe are sure to delight! The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the menu is full of humour, offering specialities with very friendly names such as Monix, Hydroalcoolix and Polix or Polémix.

At Chez Gigi, crepes are served in all possible forms imaginable, including the traditional way, as nibbles with drinks, in salads, as pancakes and with authentic, unusual or exotic fillings. Simply delicious!

Football fans from Rennes – or anyone intrigued about that city’s speciality, the iconic galette saucisse – can find home from home or satisfy their curiosity at Krügen. The reputation of the galettes at Breizh Café is firmly established – and not to be missed if you want to be transported to Brittany! If you happen to be in the vicinity of the Jardin des Plantes and feel a bit peckish, try the Pot O’Lait for a tasty treat – a crepe served with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The Tanguy crêperie has a modern, sober decor, revisiting traditional crêpes with quality sourced products.

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Traditionally, cider is served with galettes and there’s a real gourmet’s choice at Brutus where you can taste more than twenty-five different ciders and a huge variety of galettes. It’s a child-friendly restaurant too, proposing organic apple juice, a kid’s menu and colouring-in activities.

The Buckwheat crêperie at the Hôtel Normandy Le Chantier, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, is an invitation to discover crêpes and pancakes enhanced by Normandy's culinary heritage.

For surprising and inventive flavours, head to Flour, which proposes pancakes and crêpes from all over the world or to the crêpe bar Galbar where you can enjoy gourmet crêpes with unusual fillings and flavours either onsite or in a paper cup to takeaway.
The Comptoir Harajuku and Princess Crêpe put the accent on crêpes full of fresh fruit, ice cream and Chantilly cream which have made the Harajuku district in Tokyo famous.

The Ty'Joh food truck in Puteaux, run by an artisan crêpier, offers takeaway crêpes and galettes from Brittany. All homemade and a menu that favours seasonal, quality products for a healthy treat.

With nearly one million Bretons living in Paris, there’s certainly no shortage of crêperies, especially in the Montparnasse district. Head for the streets around Rue Odessa and Rue du Montparnasse and you’re spoiled for choice. These are mostly traditional crêperies where you can soak up the Breton ambience and watch the buckwheat galettes being cooked on the billig (a special hot plate used for making crepes).

In France crepes are eaten all year round, but Pancake Days here – especially enjoyed by children – are celebrated on the feast day of La Chandeleur (Candlemas) and Shrove Tuesday.