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New: Visit Paris at your own pace with your smartphone, 7 days a week, thanks to your guide on demand.
Whatizis is the « Shazam for monuments » :
Would you like some information about a monument in front of you while walking around in Paris?
Take a photo of the monument, Whatizis instantly gives you its name and offers audio comments by professional guides.
Whatizis is a free and offline application!
More than 450 Parisian monuments available : architecture, monumental sculptures, fountains, street art...
With Whatizis, you will have direct access to the information about the monuments you are interested in, without having to look it up.
A new way of discovering the French capital !




Application freely useable 7 days a week.


  • On foot
  • Architecture/urban planning
  • Tailor-made tours
  • Walks, districts
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