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Garnier Opera

Discover the Opéra Garnier, an architectural gem in the heart of Paris!

Immerse yourself in the majestic world of the Opéra Garnier, a landmark that blends art and history with incomparable elegance. Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, this sumptuous edifice is a must-see in the French capital. Let yourself be seduced by its beauty and captivating atmosphere on a visit that will transport you back through the centuries.

Discover the richness of Charles Garnier’s masterpiece by purchasing online your undated ticket with a priority access.

An immersive experience in the heart of the Palais Garnier


Explore the Opéra Garnier on a fascinating tour that will reveal all the secrets of this mysterious and glamorous landmark. Admire its opulent architecture, delicate ornamentation and magnificent auditorium. Immerse yourself in the history of this mythical building by discovering the anecdotes that have marked its walls and the great figures who have evolved there.

During your visit, immerse yourself in a unique experience with the "Arsène Lupin and the secret of the Opéra Garnier" tour-investigation. Follow in the footsteps of the famous gentleman burglar and search for clues hidden in the Opera's hidden corners. This fun and exciting experience is ideal for families and adventure-seekers alike. Put your detective skills to the test and let yourself be surprised by the riddles along the way.

The Opéra Garnier is much more than just a historic building. It's a place of artistic creation, where the greatest talents have performed and continue to shine. From classical dance to opera and contemporary performances, this prestigious edifice offers a varied program to delight lovers of live entertainment. Visit our website to discover upcoming events and performances at the Opéra Garnier.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Opéra Garnier during your stay in Paris. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic that reigns in this exceptional venue and immerse yourself in the rich and captivating history of this emblematic building. Book your visit to the Opéra Garnier now and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

Customer Reviews

4.5/52,620 reviews

Chun Leng L.
February 29th 2024

Great tour.

  1. Backstage knowledge
  2. Experienced tour guide
  3. Histories discovery
Karen S.
February 28th 2024
Incredible performance. Expensive but 100% worth every penny. A must see and would recommend to anyone going to Paris. I would definitely purchase again.
Amanda P.
February 28th 2024
Make sure you pay attention to when the last train is. It doesn't run very late so doesn't work if you plan to have dinner near Sacre Coeur.