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Serge G.
May 25th 2023
Bon rapport qualité prix, coupe file qui fait gagner du temps.
Dorien S.
May 11th 2023

This tool is a handy way to visit the attractions Paris offers!
It takes a little time to get familiar with it but then its great. You can easier and quicker entrance to the attractions

Didier M.
May 9th 2023
Votre appli n’est pas au top!!!!
Oprea D.
Scam, scam, scam!
May 6th 2023
Terrible experience. No good indicated that you always need the bar code and the reservation with you. Not possibke to book the Louvre. We were asked to book only 48 hours priors to the vidit, but then everything was booked for yhe next days. All 5 attractions were more expansive than the attractions took separately. So, really a scam. We' ll never buy such a pass again!
Marie-Aude A.
May 5th 2023
Très pratique pour découvrir Paris. Par contre dommage qu'il n'y ait pas le musée Montmartre dans la liste. Sinon séjour au top
Sylvain M.
May 3rd 2023
C’est une bonne idée mais il vaut mieux réserver les billets des visites à part…
Maria del Mar C.
May 2nd 2023
Muy buena opción para ahorrar dinero y tempo a la hora de visitar los sitios deseados en la ciudad
William W.
May 2nd 2023
Worked well and all tickets received via the App.
Ericka B.
No real value in using it, difficult to fix mistakes, awkward customer service
April 29th 2023
I don't see the value in the Paris PassLib city pass. You don't save any money on attractions. The only advantage is that you get to skip the ticket line with the pass. HOWEVER, you can also skip the ticket line by buying your ticket online at the attraction website. Either way, you will still have to wait in the security lines. The MAIN DISADVANTAGE of the Paris PassLib is that you can't talk to a human if you have an issue with the Pass, and it takes them 48 hours to respond to an email (if they respond at all). If you are in Paris for a short trip (1-4 days), that response time can be a major problem if you make a mistake when ordering your tickets (like I did). Also, there is no easy way to rectify the problem on the APP. If you accidentally book the wrong attraction (like I did), you have to contact the museum/attraction directly to ask for a cancellation, and they don't always answer the phone, nor do they always speak English. I wouldn't buy this pass again, and I don't recommend it to anyone else because you can do all your bookings online directly without the APP and the awkward hassle of using it.
Jyri K.
You should think carefully before buying!
April 26th 2023

Consider this: If you are a person who is planning a visit 6 months before, and are willing to schedule your holiday day by day in advance, this card might suit you well.

BUT: If you are on a tighter schedule you won't get all the benefits promised. For visiting Galeries Lafayette, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, you need to contact the Tourist office via a form, and the personal will book your visit. We were in Paris for five days in the end of April, and during that time didn't even get an answer to our request. It is in fact still pending, after a week. They promise to answer the request in 24 max 72 hours, but this was not true in our case. I visited the Tourist Office and they said that everything was fully booked. I can't understand why they didn't even bother to send an answer to our request. Really frustrating and an old fashioned way to make reservations. Also, the PassLib Eiffel Tower ticket won't qualify you to the top, only to the second floor.

Still, some of the attractions (eg. the Bus Tour) were easily arranged by simply activating the Attraction in the app and showing the QR code to the bus driver. This is how I thought it would work.

Some, like Musée de'l Orangerie, needed a time slot booking to the museum and activation of the QR code. For Musée d'Orsay, you needed to book your visit separately via a link from the app.

With this card we ended up not saving so much money as we thought. Using the app was generally quite complicated and frustrating, because the reservation procedures for each attraction were slightly different. Paris Tourist Office has a lot to do if they want this App to work during the Olympics 2024. My Dad would not be able to make the reservations.

Positively thinking: we visited some attractions that we wouldn't have done without this card (and without the reservation disappointments).
And: we enjoyed Paris a lot!

Kathleen P.
April 26th 2023

very responsive and efficient. i’m looking forward to visiting your beautiful country!


Antoine C.
April 23rd 2023

l'application n'est pas toujours fluide et comme les organismes ne connaissent pas necessairement l'appli, c'est pas simple.
l'avantage c'est que des visites sont des bonnes découvertes

Christophe C.
April 22nd 2023

Très pratique pour visiter Paris.
Bon rapport qualité prix.

Mathias R.
April 14th 2023
Hat alles sehr gut geklappt.
Nikhil S.
April 13th 2023
Very nice pass.
Oliver M.
Only purchase if you are going to book attraction timeslots well in advance!
April 8th 2023
Difficult booking process for the two main attractions, Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Not only was the very limited timeslots, but when you selected one, it turns into a negotiation via email, and is not a real-time booking process/system. We couldn't use these two passes during our weekend visit, which made the Paris Pass poor value for us.
Cumhur Sefa D.
A small issue
April 1st 2023
I think this card is really helpful and easy to use but I had a problematic case. I attented to Seine River cruise but I didnt take champaigne, for this reason, the cruise was counted as A group activity. My plan was using this cruise as B group activity. My A activities became 3/3 and I had to pay money for a museum.(Armee)
Bernadette N.
March 26th 2023
Easy and Reasonable Merci de m'avoir aide
Carlos Alfonso G.
Compra de Paris Pass Lib
March 21st 2023
Considero que no es muy clara la información para seleccionar los paseos a los que uno tiene derecho , una aves que ya se selecciono y reservo la información no queda integrada en la aplicación , tengo información en l aplicación pero no es la misma que lo correos que me llegaron. Por otra parte no es facil saber si estoy reservando el mio y luego agregar otro viajero , es confunso
Eeva H.
March 8th 2023
You should give clear instructions how to use the card, that the qr-code is not enough! We embarrassed ourselves at the Museum of d’Orsay today because we did not understand that.
David de M.
Visite 3 jours
March 5th 2023

Venant de Belgique, nous avions trois jours sur place pour visiter Paris, l'achat de ce Pass semblait une évidence...
Le Pass est bien pensé et attrayant financièrement mais je n'ai pas su profiter de deux activités pourtant répertoriée dans votre liste: les vedettes de Paris et le musée Grévin.
Pour le premier, ils m'ont envoyé chez leurs voisins où le code Qr à marché.
Pour le deuxième pas moyen non plus de lire le code Qr généré par l'application finalement ils m'ont laissé entrer mais seulement après avoir téléphoné à leur responsable, nous avons perdu une bonne demie-heure à l'entrée ce qui compte dans une journée remplie dans la capitale.
Passez une belle journée

Cheng hock T.
March 2nd 2023

I reckoned that it was too confusing to have to research few different passes available in the market.

The app seems confusing perhaps it should add on the ticket price or have some AI to help choose and plan dates directly rather than have to email and receive negative replies the next day which might be too late for some tourists.

The great thing about the app is it does help save time queueing

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