Preferential transport rates for disabled people

Free fares and reductions for disabled people on public transport in and around Paris.

There are fare advantages in the public transport of Paris and its region under certain conditions

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You live in Paris

You are entitled to free public transport in Île-de-France if you are in possession of the Pass Paris Seniors or the Pass Paris Access'. The requirements to have one of these two passes: to live in Paris for at least 3 years, to have more than 65 years or more than 60 but recognized unfit for work (for the Paris Seniors Pass), to present a handicap attested by an official document (for the Paris Access Pass') and meet certain resource requirements.

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You live in Île-de-France (outside Paris)

You can benefit from a reduction in the price of public transport on all or part of the Île-de-France if you meet the conditions to obtain a Amethyst package. To know: to have a Navigo card, to be retired of more than 60 years or to present a handicap attested by an official document or to be recognized unfit for work by its social protection scheme, and to fulfill certain conditions of resources.

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You live in the province or abroad

The tariff advantages are reserved for Parisian and Ile-de-France residents. Indeed, the reductions granted to seniors or people with disabilities are compensated by local authorities (municipalities, departments and regions) which reimburse the reductions granted to the various transport companies. They cannot therefore extend these benefits to all senior or disabled tourists.

On the other hand, there are other criteria for obtaining tariff benefits:

  • Children under 4 (free);
  • Children under 10 (half-fare);
  • Large families (half-fare with blue family card);
  • Students, apprentices (discount: annual package imagine R or daily package Ticket Jeunes Weekend);
  • Group of young people of at least 10 persons under 16 years of age, or group of 10 pupils in middle and high schools making a trip within the school framework with at least one teacher (half-fare t+ Tickets or "group" tickets);
  • Young people under 26 years of age in vocational integration (use of mobility cheque).

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