Adapted buses in the Paris area

Buses in the Paris area accessible to disabled people.

Adapted buses

The 63 lines of the Paris bus network are accessible. A bus line is considered accessible when all vehicles are equipped with a retractable ramp, and when 70% of bus stops on the line are adapted (raised pavement).

Accessiblility at bus stops

Physical disability

The list of buses and bus stops that are accessible are listed on the website or on the website of the RATP. You can check on the map to see whether your chosen stop is accessible. A yellow triangle indicates that the stop is not accessible to people in wheelchairs.When the bus arrives, the person in the wheelchair should position themself at the level of the middle door which is equipped with a retractable ramp and indicated by a blue pictogram ‘handicap moteur’ (physical disability). They should signal to the driver to open the retractable ramp or press the button under the pictogram if the bus is equipped with one.

Visual disability

For sight-impaired people, the newest buses have a loud speaker, situated on the outside of the vehicle near to the front door, which announces the bus and its destination.

Accessibility on board buses

Physical disability

After boarding the bus via the retractable ramp, the wheelchair user should park facing in the opposite direction to the direction of travel in the area reserved for them indicated by a pictogram. When they wish to get off the bus, they should press the button on the right hand side which indicates to the driver that he should deploy the retractable ramp at the required stop.

Visual disability

For sight-impaired people, 100% of bus lines have, since 2010, been equipped with sound messages to announce the next stop on the bus route. The newest buses have stop request buttons that can be located through an inscription in relief, and which make a sound when they are activated.

Hearing impairment

For people with a hearing impairment, more than a third of bus lines have visual messages to announce the next stop on the bus route, in the form of an illuminated information strip inside the bus.

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