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Adapted buses in the Paris area

Buses in the Paris area accessible to disabled people.

Adapted buses

All 63 lines in the Paris bus network are accessible. A bus line is considered accessible when all vehicles are equipped with a retractable ramp for on-board access, and when at least 90% of the stops on the line are adapted (raised pavement).

Accessibility at bus stops

To find out which bus routes or stops are accessible, you can consult the website Ile-De-France Mobilités

Only line 40 and RoissyBus are not fully accessible.

  • Accessible bus stops have been fitted with raised kerbs and unobstructed paths. When the bus arrives, the wheelchair user positions himself at the middle door equipped with the removable ramp, which is marked with a blue "motor disability" pictogram. They signal to the driver to deploy the bus's removable ramp or press the button under the pictogram when the bus is equipped with one.

  • Buses have a loudspeaker located on the outside near the front door, announcing the bus and its destination.

  • All buses have a weather vane which provides a visual announcement of the final destination.

Accessibility inside buses

  • There is a dedicated space for people with reduced mobility, indicated by a pictogram, in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. When they want to get off, the button on their right tells the driver that the pallet must be deployed at the requested stop.

  • 100% of bus lines have audible announcements of the next stops to be served. The most recent buses have stop request buttons with raised lettering that emit an audible signal when pressed.

  • All bus lines have visual announcements of the next stops to be served, in the form of an illuminated information strip inside the bus.

Read more:

  • RATP / Accessibilité
  • RATP contact: 3424 (7am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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