Gourmet variations on single-product dishes

Another new culinary trend is restaurants specializing in a single food, which are thriving all over the French capital. The menus consist of one single product, but offered in a myriad of different ways, making it a speciality. Here are some places not to be missed for mono-food fiends. 

The ‘Mono-product’ restaurants 

Even Michelin-starred chefs are getting in on the act. Like Antoine Westermann, awarded three stars, at the helm at Drouant and who has now opened Le Coq Rico in Montmartre. A restaurant where he shares his passion for quality poultry and offers the best products: Naked Neck chicken, Dombes duckling, wild duck, wood pigeon, poule au pot, guineau fowl and partridge, cooked in a thousand and one ways: soup, terrine, rillettes, salad … The rotisserie Solyles also specializes in chicken, which it offers in any form you could think of, to eat in or take away.

From chickens to eggs: at Benedict in the Marais, eggs are a dish in their own right, with many gourmet variations of Eggs Benedict, the American dish consisting of a poached egg on a slice of toast. There is something for everyone: traditional, with avocado, Italian style, Nordic, cheddar, and with truffles.

The chic and trendy canteen Balls serves only meatballs in a well-designed minimalist setting. You choose your meatballs (lamb, beef, chicken, etc.), a sauce and a side dish of your choice.

If you like lobster, go to Pinces, a laid-back restaurant which aims to introduce as many people as possible to lobster: you can choose an entire roast lobster or a Lobster Roll, a toasted lobster sandwich.

Autour de Saumon offers salmon in any form you could want: smoked, marinated, sashimi, tartare, etc.



The specialists

Last but not least in the line of ‘single-product’ restaurants, the specialists. Here are some great quality 100% carnivore addresses for meat fans.

Au Bœuf Couronné, with its famous ‘Villette’ grilled rib of beef, is very popular with meat lovers.

To satisfy meat cravings, pop over to Steak Point, in an unusual setting in the fine foods section of Galeries Lafayette. Here, you can sample the best meat: beef tartare, flank steaks, thick steaks, rib steaks and rib of veal or beef but also burgers cooked before your eyes by the butcher. The cherry on the cake: unlimited chips!