Where to play an escape game in Paris

Alone or in a group, solve the biggest puzzles in Paris Escape Games!

Inspired by video games, live escape games are offered in many places in Paris. Participants enter a locked room, with family or friends, where they must solve a puzzle to find their way out. They generally get one hour to awaken their inner Sherlock Holmes! With delirious suspense, complex scenarios and staging worthy of the greatest movie sets, these escape games are unusual experiences and offer a real adrenaline rush!

At the heart of the South Pigalle district, Team Break offers three spine-chilling conundrums. Thwarting the Machiavellian coups of dictator Pedro Jevedezcou will be far from easy as participants must firstly escape from a gruesome prison, a not-so-heavenly island, or even a bunker that could explode at any moment! Another original adventure: Inside PSG, a 90-minute mission to solve a mysterious disappearance behind the scenes at the Parc des Princes and its famous club, Paris-Saint-Germain.

Still in the district of La Défense, Illucity - the theme park devoted to virtual reality (VR) – offers a dozen thrilling and entertaining escape games for which the best technology (helmets, controllers, backpacks, D-BOX chairs, vibrating floors, 4DVR experience …) is deployed. Players set off in search of a lost pyramid in the Escape game ‘The Lost Pyramid’, face strong three-dimensional disorders in ‘Incarna II’ or form a group of tough toys on a mission to free a room from a Machiavellian monkey in ‘Toyland, crazy Monkey’ (a hyper reality experience exclusive to Illucity).

For a totally immersive escape game, head to the Manoir de Paris. Its ‘Skeleton Key’ escape game is the only one to involve real actors. With colleagues, family, or friends, only keen reasoning, communication, and curiosity will lead to the end of the adventure. Thrills guaranteed! A little further on, in République, Gamescape offers 3 different scenarios for 60 minutes of play : gentlemen burglar with Lupin, the Bastille dungeon and an interview with Gustave Eiffel.

The Château de Vincennes also offers an escape game down in its dungeons. The teams are taken to the heart of the 18th century and have one hour to avoid a secret conspiracy.

The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint-Denis and the Conciergerie also organize escape games during the year.

Quiveutpister offers different escape games in emblematic places of the capital: the covered passages, the Marais and the Latin Quarter. And for an experience in the heart of the forest, come and discover an outdoor Escape Game combining nature and technology at the Parc Aventure Floreval.