Equestrian activities in Paris

Pony rides, horseracing and, interactive museums: kids will be experts on the subject of horses.

Pony rides with the family

Children love Pony rides. Either astride on the back of a pony or inside a little carriage, they’ll enjoy the outing and their first experience of riding!

Animaponey offers pony rides along the leafy pathways of several parks and woods in Paris. You can also enjoy a fun afternoon with the family in the Vincennes and Boulogne woods, as well as at the Parc Montsouris parc Monceau, parc des Buttes Chaumont, jardin du Luxembourg, lac de Saint-Mandé and Parc Georges Brassens.

No booking required. In the event of bad weather, outings may be cancelled.

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The Musée du Cheval (Horse Museum) at Chantilly

A unique place, the Musée du Cheval is housed in the Grand Stables of the Château de Chantilly. It seeks to show the public the world of horses through a rich collection of objects and paintings. Kids and grown-ups will also enjoy the equestrian demonstrations and dressage sessions featuring Friesian horses, thoroughbreds and Shetlands.

Equestrian shows for all the family

For family entertainment, there is nothing as magical as a show with horses. The spectacular performances by the horseman Bartabas are a perfect blend of equestrian art, dance, music and theatre; all enriched with popular traditions from all over the world.  Every year, Bartabas and his troupe take up their winter quarters at the Théâtre Equestre Zingaro at the Fort d’Aubervilliers.

Bartabas also directs the first Académie de Spectacle Equestre in the prestigious setting of the Grand Stables of the Palace of Versailles.This school is open to top level horsemen and women whom it trains daily in the time-honoured techniques of dressage whilst at the same time familiarizing them with art disciplines such as music, dance and song … all in perpetual movement.

Visitors can come and admire the prowess of some 30 horses: lusitaniens, criollos argentins, pur-sang arabes, et même sorayas. A unique opportunity to see the daily training sessions, to music, of the academy’s horsemen and women.

The Salon du Cheval de Paris (Paris horse show): a great family occasion

In Paris, horses too have a trade show of their own. Every year, the Salon du Cheval de Paris, held at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, plays host to more than one thousand animals and festive special events. Highlights include the Gucci Masters, the Nuit du Cheval and the Défilé de Paris … A bumper equestrian event for all the family!

Salon du Cheval de ParisFrom 24 November to 2 December 2018Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte93420 Villepinte - RER Parc des Expositions  More info on the Salon du Cheval de Paris

Dimanches au galop in Paris (Sunday at the races)

Les Dimanches au Galop are a highlight of the equestrian world. On these occasions, France Galop invites the public to two Parisian racecourses (Paris Longchamp and Auteuil) for free, during Spring. On the programme: an afternoon of horses, races and special outdoor activities and attractions!

Every Sunday, the range of special horse-related events take on a new theme. The public can also watch horse races, which are scheduled every half-hour. The public can also watch horse races and special equestrian events. 

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