Buying Parisian

Buying Parisian: products made in Paris and the ‘Fabriqué à Paris’ (‘Made in Paris’) label

The best way to feel like a real Parisian is to buy locally. Many producers and artisans are based in the capital and offer products ‘made in Paris’.

Products made in Paris

The city of Paris attracts numerous designers and entrepreneurs who manufacture or have their products manufactured on site. There are ‘made in France’ but also ‘made in Paris’ goods, popular with Parisians who are increasingly looking to consume locally. What’s more, Paris also produces wine, honey, charcuterie, mozzarella, coffee and beer.
Parisian honey is made in hives installed on the roofs of some of the city's major buildings such as the Musée d'Orsay or the École Militaire. This honey is also used to make Parisian nougat and Parisian mead matured in oak barrels in the catacombs. Parisian honey is on sale at the Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché. Also produced in Paris: mozzarella and burrata from the Ottanta brand, made in the brand's workshop at 19 rue du Cardinal-Lemoine in the 5th arrondissement. The famous Cafés Richard brand, served in all Parisian brasseries, roasts its coffee mainly in Gennevilliers in the Hauts-de-Seine region but also at the Brûlerie des Gobelins in Paris, for the most upscale coffees. As its name suggests, ‘Jambon de Paris’ (Paris boiled ham) is also a Parisian speciality along with Parisian sausages and Houdan pâté (pâté en croûte) to be enjoyed at master butchers such as Maison Vérot (3 shops: rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, rue Lecourbe and Galeries Lafayette).
Young Parisian entrepreneurs have also started making wines, beers and spirits. In 2015, the Winerie Parisienne relaunched the Parisian wine-growing tradition by creating a wine-making cellar in Montreuil, just outside Paris, and replanting a vineyard in the Yvelines, 25 kilometres from Paris. Microbreweries have also increased in number in the capital and today there are several ‘made in Paris’ beers such as ‘La Parisienne’ brewed at the foot of Butte-aux-Cailles, BAPBAP brewed in the Oberkampf district, and beers produced at the Goutte d'Or brewery.

"Made in Paris" label

This growing desire to buy Parisian products, both on the part of locals and tourists, has given Paris City Hall the idea of creating a ‘Made in Paris’ label. This label is awarded to products and objects produced in Paris and embodying Paris’s identity and traditions. It has been given to jambon blanc and Paris honey, as well as to brands of clothing, shoes, design, household linen, glasses’ frames, bicycles, guitars, etc.