Disneyland ® Paris - 1 day / 1 or 2 parks Disneyland ® Paris - 1 day / 1 or 2 parks

Disneyland ® Paris - 1 day / 1 or 2 parks Enjoy Disney Magic!

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Disney® Parks 1 day Tickets

Ticket Daypass / 1 Park

Park Disneyland® Paris or park Walt Disney Studios®
From €72

Ticket Daypass / 2 Parks

Park Disneyland® Paris and park Walt Disney Studios®
From €97

What to expect

What’s big, bright and magical all over?

What could be more wonderful than over 50 rollicking attractions for all ages. It’s major magic and marvels at Disneyland® Park! Or right next door, check out the big lights, camera and action at Walt Disney Studios® Park!

But wait, there’s even more! How about gift shopping, yummys crummy restaurants, star-spangled Disney shows and jump-for-joy live entertainment? Head over to Disney Village!

What is included :
Access to any Disneyland® and/or Walt Disney Studios® park attractions for 1 day 

Please note :

  • You will receive your Disney e-tickets within 24 to 72 hours by email.
  • Free for children aged under 3
  • Non-refundable ticket, for which no other reduction or special offer is valid
  • To go to the Disneyland Park in train from Paris, go to the page Transport Disneyland Paris


Times :

Disneyland® : from 10am to 10pm

Walt Disney Studios® : from 10am to 7pm

Highlights :

- Priority access to 1 Disneyland parks: Parc Disneyland or Parc Walt Disney Studios

- 50 attractions, parades and shows for kids and adults


Disneyland Paris
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