Gastronomic restaurants

When gastronomy becomes the 8th art. The great names of French cuisine have their own address in Paris.
Big-name chefs sometimes operate in smaller restaurants, which are less pricey but just as good as Michelin-starred places.
Each year, the Michelin Guide, the oldest gastronomic guide and one of the world’s most renowned, awards stars to the best restaurants in France
World’s greatest chefs rankings: 7 Parisian chefs in top 100
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Rising stars in Paris

To be awarded one star by the Michelin Guide is a prestigious distinction. This signifies, ‘very good cooking’
A hotel restaurant must offer the same level of service as the rest of the establishment
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Gastronomy with the family

The art of eating well is a family affair, thanks to restaurants which have children’s menus.
A gastronomic restaurant is not necessarily an unaffordable one