Taxis and chauffeur-driven vehicles in Paris

18,000 taxis and different types of vehicles to hire in Paris


Taxis : guidelines

The special equipment in a licensed taxi comprises:

  • the illuminated “Taxi Parisien” sign on the roof of the taxi

  • a display meter showing the cost of the journey

  • a notice on the rear left window with the regulations, fares and the registration number of the vehicle

  • a plate fixed to the front right-hand wing of the vehicle bearing the licence number 

Attention! Anyone claiming to be a taxi driver who does not have a specially-equipped vehicle is illegal.  You can take a taxi :

  • by hailing one in the street (it is free if the sign on the roof is lit up and green)

  • at a taxi rank

  • by calling one of the main taxi firms

  • by booking one online (but watch out for fraudulent websites on which the following information may be lacking: a legal notice, terms and conditions of sale, and a clear description of the service provider).

Note: Taxis must accept payment by credit card, whatever the price of the journey, and you can ask the taxi driver for an invoice.

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Taxi fares

The minimum amount of a journey is set at €7.30. There is a pick-up charge regardless of the journey length. It varies according to the pick-up place but cannot exceed €4.18.

The price per kilometre travelled is capped at €1.12.

Furthermore, the maximum waiting charge per hour has been fixed at €37.46 (in the event of a client booking) or slow journey time.

Additional charges :

  • for each adult passenger from the 5th onwards: €4

  • no supplement can be requested from persons with disabilities for a wheelchair and/or the animals accompanying them.

  • Booking charges may be added to the fare: €4 maximum for an immediate booking, €7 for an advance booking (these supplements replace the pick-up charge).

Flat-rate fares for journeys between Paris and Paris airports:

4 flat-rate fares have been introduced for journeys between Paris and Paris airports since February 2022 :

  • Paris ‘Rive Droite’ (‘Right Bank’)/CDG Roissy = €53

  • Paris ‘Rive Gauche’ (Left Bank’)/CDG Roissy = €58

  • Paris Rive Droite/Orly = €37

  • Paris Rive gauche/Orly = €32

  • ... and vice versa

Taxi G7

Taxis G7 is the Europe's leading radio taxi hub and has a fleet of 8,000 affiliated taxis.

Le Taximètre

The Taximètre: Fare comparison and taxi booking hotline.

Vehicle hire with driver

Voiture avec chauffeur

Cars with a driver (VTC) created in 2009 are private companies whose vehicles do not have a taxi sign on the roof nor a metre inside and which can only accept passengers if a booking has been previously been made for them. Services are personalized and a fixed price is decided on in advance. A variety of vehicles are offered including cars, minivans and limousines. The Groupito platform is a solution that allows you to rent a car with a driver and other types of transport as well (minibus, bus, coach etc...)

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