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Summer 2023: Paris in Olympic Forms!

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics are rapidly approaching! And the city of Paris is getting ready. In 2023, following on from the Olympic Days, Paris will be on ‘Olympic form’ with free events throughout the summer

After celebrating Olympic Days on the last weekend of June, Paris throws the spotlight on Olympism all summer, until 17 September 2023. This large-scale event has a line-up of workshops, courses, gatherings, an emphasis on sport, but also on all art forms. The festival ‘Olympic Forms’ is not just about sport! The aim of the event is to create bridges between sport and art. In this way, the festival transmits the values of Olympism - surpassing oneself, discovery, sharing, curiosity - and highlights all practices, be they physical, cultural, or visual.

A festive event in Paris

More than 50 events will be held throughout the summer in Paris as part of the Olympic Forms festival. Lots of events and activities to choose from for kids and grown-ups to enjoy solo, with friends or with family. These events are in line with the values of Paris 2024 and within the framework of the Cultural Olympiad.

Activities also take place during Paris Plages, from 8 July to 3 September 2023, on the quaysides of the Parc Rives de Seine or around the La Villette Canal Baisin.

Mixing sport with the arts in Paris

Some events of the Formes Olympiques festival that mix sport and art in Paris:

Exciting cultural events in Paris

Some cultural events of the Formes Olympiques festival in Paris:

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