Square Louise Michel

6 place Saint-Pierre - 75018 Paris Montmartre - La Chapelle
Best known for its 222 steps leading up to the Sacré Cœur Basilica, Square Louise Michel was built in 1927 and extends upwards along Montmartre Hill. A network of gently sloping paths runs alongside the gardens, providing an alternative for people who do not wish to climb the steep staircase. The square is very popular with visitors because it offers a breathtaking view of Paris, and is frequented by artists who come to entertain the crowds. Square Louise Michel boasts luxuriant vegetation and historical monuments to be admired as part of a Montmartre tour, including a fountain by Paul Gasq, devoted to the ocean gods. There is also a variety of tree species including horse chestnut, wing nut, honey locust, fig and magnolia, as well as two superb 17-metre-high orange trees.


6 place Saint-Pierre
75018 Paris
Parking lot
Anvers, 9bis Boulevard de Rochechouart - 75009 Paris
Public transportation
853054Rochechouart - Clignancourt

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