How to publish a notice

1. What is an online review?

An online review is the expression of a Customer's opinion on his or her consumer experience by means of any element of appreciation.

2. Criteria for classifying reviews

Reviews published on the reservation site are displayed by default from the most recent to the oldest.

3. No consideration provided in exchange for posting a review

The Customer is hereby informed that the posting of a review on the Paris je t'aime - Office de tourisme website (hereinafter referred to as "Paris je t'aime") is free of charge and will not be the subject of any consideration.

The Customer is hereby informed that by submitting his/her review, he/she grants Paris je t'aime a worldwide right to use his/her content and information, authorising Paris je t'aime to use, copy, reproduce, publish, modify and adapt it for the needs of its business. This right of use will end as soon as the Client requests the deletion of the notice concerned or as soon as Paris je t'aime no longer offers the service concerned.

4. Review control procedure: the main characteristics of review control at the time of their collection, moderation or publication

The Client is hereby informed that each Review is checked before publication and that Paris je t'aime reserves the right not to publish a Review that is contrary to the present Terms and Conditions.

Similarly, the Customer is informed that Paris je t'aime reserves the right not to publish any content that is illicit, contrary to public order, prejudicial, threatening, illegal, defamatory, racist, unauthorised, abusive, insulting, malicious, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, infringing on privacy or image rights, hateful, inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred or otherwise reprehensible.

The Customer is hereby informed that Paris je t'aime may refuse to publish his/her review, in particular for the following reasons:

  1. The rating given to the service does not correspond to the comment (scale from 1 to 5: 1 means that the Customer is not at all satisfied and 5 that he/she is very satisfied);
  2. The content is unrelated to the product or service concerned. Only reviews concerning the experience of using the product will be published. If a review concerns the behaviour of the staff of the establishment or Paris je t'aime, if it refers to the environment in which the service was used or if it is associated with the wrong product, it cannot be taken into account;
  3. The textual content contains random characters or is poorly written to the point of being unintelligible;
  4. The textual content contains personal information or any other information likely to infringe the rights and freedoms of others: the surname or first name of individuals, a telephone number, a precise physical address or email address, a credit card number, national insurance number, bank account number or any other information likely to relate to an identified or identifiable natural person;
  5. The textual content is clearly spam or mentions websites or URLs including those of the Customer;
  6. The textual content contains a call for legal action;
  7. The textual content constitutes or encourages a criminally reprehensible act or provides instructions on how to perpetrate it, infringes the rights of a third party or is likely to incur the liability of a third party or infringe local, national or international legislation;
  8. The Notice Manager believes that it may be subject to civil or criminal liability.

PARIS JE'AIME reserves the right to contact the Client author of the notice if one of the reasons listed above arises.

5. Methods of deleting reviews

The Client has the possibility of requesting the deletion of the review that he/she has submitted or to report content that seems inappropriate, by simple request to Paris je t'aime at the following email address [email protected] or at the following postal address:

Paris je t'aime - Tourist Office
For the attention of the E-commerce department
76 rue Beaubourg
75003 Paris

Please write your email as follows:
[NAME] :